First Community Conjure Blessing for 2017 Video

The first event for the year on New Year's was a great turn out! I am pleased how it went and all the great feedback and messages from those who were included. There are a few pics and a 1 minute video clip I recorded (see left) as I was burning each paper after the charging and cracking of the coconut. That was the only part of the ceremony I could have a free hand to multitask and record. :) Anyway, your messages have been awesome to read and I'll be responding to the rest of you as soon as possible. I look forward to many more Community Conjure Blessings this year!

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Ok, on a side note, I started a New Instagram account to follow. The other one had just become consumed with more of my personal family and stuff, and less conjure. So, follow the new one @mamav_conjureroot for more magickal and conjure related shares and hopefully you don't mind cute kitty companion videos and pics, and random life shares of Vescha's seemingly strange life, no not really, but really to some!

The next Community Conjure Blessing will be in February for blessings of Fertility. "Fertility doesn't always mean making babies, but YES that can be part of the blessing as well! So, start gathering your thoughts, goals, petitions, desires, needs, and readiness to bear fruit!" I will announce the date of that later this month, so keep looking for that, please do not send me any requests for it right now, those will just be lost in messages and inquiries by Feb. Take the time to focus on what you need to bring into your life this year. The event of course, will be another free event. It's a community blessing, part of my work as a Priestess, to bring healing and joy to the local and worldly community!