Honor & Respect to God, to Ginen, all of which is above us and below us, the waters, roots, Ancestors, and all Mysteres.

Maitre Emmanuel

I work in the Haitian Vodou traditional teachings. I am guided by Light and the Mysteres (spirits of Vodou), the ancestors, and my dear brothers and sisters in Vodou. Honor to my dear brother, friend, and mentor Maitre Emmanuel.

I have been working with the spirits for over 20 years. I divine with cards and help remove jinxes and crossed conditions. I help bring love, money, success, prosperity, jobs, and more to each of my clients lives. I consult with the spirits, ancestors, and saints for these workings. I have been a student of the occult mysteries for 30 years, yet I never stop learning. I believe myself to be gifted, but my skills are always being perfected by ways of learning and listening to my guides and spirits. I don’t claim to be of the highest, nor am I a Guru in the arts of the mysteries. I am like any other girl, fun, loving, eccentric, passionate, artist, and I come complete with honesty and loyalty. For those who know some astrology or zodiac, I am an Aquarius with a Taurus Moon and Scorpio rising sign. Everything they say about an Aquarius fits me nearly to the point!

Family and friends have helped me become the mother and woman I am today! For them, I am very grateful and love them all dearly. I am a family woman and a spiritual woman. I am a fun and loving woman, a stern woman, a teacher, a guide. I won’t sugar coat the truth for you either! I let you know you are embarking on a difficult journey and I am here for you. I am not here to sell you a bunk product or service. When you come to my botanica you are in a safe space to share your intimate details with me. I hold this with confidentiality and respect. I will give you feedback and evaluate your situation and guide you to which service or product you need. If you get a tarot reading about a lost lover and the cards say to move on without them, I am going to tell you. So, if I believe something to be true, I will tell you! If you decide you still want to work the energy to bring a lost one back, we can discuss options. However, be advised, magick is not a guarantee. A doctor can not guarantee results but will work with you to try to resolve your current issues. Magick is the same way, prescribed magickal medicine to try to help resolve your current spiritual, emotional, physical situation.

When choosing to work with a rootworker, choose one you trust and can connect to. I don’t advise clients to work with multiple rootworkers on the same issue sometimes UNLESS the rootworkers are working in unison. It can be helpful in many situations, but not all situations. The final goals need to be the same. We are a team of specialist that can aid you to your goal so long as everyone is on the same point. If you are working with another rootworker on your case, please update me on what type of work they have done so that we can cover all the angles and come up with the right complimentary spellwork.

I give free consultations. You will receive a response within 2 or 3 days and within the week during busy times. To set up a tarot reading or spell service browse the botanica online and set up an appointment for consultation or tarot reading.

Mama V