Honor & Respect to God, to Ginen, all of which is above us and below us, the waters, roots, Ancestors, and all Mysteres.

I work in the Haitian Vodou traditional teachings. I am guided by Light and the Mysteres (spirits of Vodou, the Loas), the ancestors, and my dear brothers and sisters who are Haitian born Oungan’s and Manbo’s. Honor to my dear brother, friend, and mentor Maitre Maitre EmmanuelEmmanuel.

I have been serving the spirits for 10+ years. I divine with cards and a crystal ball. I help remove jinxes, crossed conditions, and I help to bring love, money, success, prosperity, jobs, etc. by consulting with Saints, Ancestors, or Spirits of Vodou, and by working magick. I have been a student of the occult mysteries for more than 20 years, yet I never stop learning. I believe myself to be gifted, but my skills are always being perfected by ways of learning and listening to my guides and spirits. I do not claim to be of the highest, nor am I by any means a guru in the arts of the mysteries. I am like any other girl, fun, loving, eccentric, a passionate artist, and I come complete with honesty and loyalty. For those who know some astrology or zodiac signs, I am an Aquarius with a Taurus Moon, and a Scorpio rising. Everything they say about an Aquarius fits me nearly to the point. 🙂 Lol.

My family and friends have helped me become the Mother and Woman I am today. For them I am very grateful and love them all dearly. And if you have read my biography and read any of my reviews on here, you will have learned that I am an honest but stern woman. I am a family woman. I am a spiritual woman. I take magick and life seriously, but love to have fun too, of course! When it comes time, I don’t sugar coat the truth. I let you know if you are embarking on a difficult journey. I am not here to sell you a product that won’t produce results for you. When you come to my botanica you will be sharing with me your personal intimate details of your life. I hold this in the utmost confidential and respected manner. I will tell you my evaluation of the situation via a consultation prior to purchasing products and work that I do on your behalf. If I believe something to be true, I will tell you. If you come to me and ask me to consult the cards for you about a lost lover and the cards say to move on without him/her, I am going to tell you. (Some people go on and do the work to win him/her back anyway… Ahhh… LeSigh… then blame me for selling them products that don’t work). For those people, all I can say is “well, why ask for advice then ignore it”? When you go to your doctor and he tells you to stop eating so much dairy because your cholesterol is high, you stop eating the dairy. When choosing to work with a root worker, I don’t advise for clients to work with multiple root workers on the same issue in some situations. This can actually work against you sometimes, UNLESS the root workers are working in unison, sometimes it IS a good idea to have a back up, but I would only recommend it if all parties involved in the work were in communication and agreement or understanding with what is going on from all directions of your case. With that exception said, you don’t go to two different Medical Doctors to be treated for the same flu virus. This can be detrimental and counter productive or even lead to an overdose! Each root worker has a different style. As the patient who is being worked on to be cured of some magickal illness, let’s say an Uncrossing, to question why one root worker uses this method and another uses a different one, you begin to question the workers ability (root work or hoodoo is not a belief or a religion, it’s folklore medicine passed on from one family member to the next, each root doctor has their own set of beliefs or religion). Further, this starts a breakdown in trust and communication between you and the root worker. You start to lose faith in the work being done or that you will get any better, and bringing in another ordeal that we must deal with. This puts more problems on top of the original problem. This can turn ugly for your work; bringing negative energies and interference in the true nature of the work. BAD JUJU! We don’t want that. Now, also, to add more fuel, many root workers work within a community of other root workers and we know each others style and techniques. I wouldn’t want to be faced with these types of issues to be put in a position to make a judgment call on another root workers work. This has no place in Magickal Work. Politics, blah… Coming to me after another spell from another worker has been performed and both client/root worker has established the exiting of a working partnership, meaning she or he has fulfilled their end of the performance of the work, THAT is acceptable. Then I can make a judgement call on your case. That’s part of the process. I do ask questions on whether or not you have done previous magick on your case or if another worker has done work for you. These things are very important to know. They give me insight and updates about the direction the case is moving in. So, these are things to consider when hiring a root worker for doing rituals for you.

I give free consultations and advice to many of my clients. I generally respond within 2-3 days, sometimes fairly quick though. 🙂 I set lights on my Altars on your behalf as well. These are great to use in addition to back up the work you are performing on your end. My clients love these! It’s a great idea to supplement your work with vigil candle burnings or honey jars.

To purchase a setting of lights or to perform a ritual on your behalf, you can purchase them through the shop under Rootwork/Spell Services.

Love & Light,

Mama V