Love Magic

“I am above you and in you. My ecstasy is in yours. My joy is to see your joy”. ~BOL
“But to love me is better than all things; if under the night-stars in the desert thou presently burnest mine incense before me, invoking me with a pure heart, and the Serpent flame therein, though shalt come a little to lie in my bosom. For one kiss wilt thou then be willing to give all;”~BOL

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl…

Personalize the work

Some of the best spells in love magick and sex magick involve the use of bodily fluids, hair clippings, nail trimmings, etc. Personal items or dna of you and/or the target. The idea behind this is to have the essence of the person captured for use in the spell. The most potent of these are bodily fluids. Urine, menstrual blood, vaginal secretions, and semen are used in a variety of ways in spells and sex magick. Most of you, familiar with root work, have heard that feeding a man menstrual blood in his coffee is believed to capture a man’s attraction to her and bind him to her. There are other ways to use menstrual blood much in the same way that semen, vaginal fluids, and urine can be used in spells. The fluids are biological essences and ties to our sexual energy. In the wild, a male animal is drawn to a female by her scent which signals the male she is ready for mating. Science today has done studies on human attraction and have come up with a variety of theories. Studies are trying to prove that humans still produce sex pheromones (chemical signals) and that they are the cause of our attraction to another. Pheromones are detected by an organ called the volmeronasal organ. It’s noticeable in a cat or dog that smells an area where the pheromone is released (urine, genitals, sweaty areas). It’s located at the roof of the mouth. Picture the cat who smells another cat and hangs his mouth open. There are several types of pheromones and certain times that we release them. One is when we feel fear, another time is when we are sexually aroused. The pheromone is odorless to humans, however, when a woman smells the armpit of a man or his chest, the scent of his sweat can drive her wild. It’s a result of the release of pheromones. New studies are uncovering a new theory that we are attracted to mates by the chemical compound in their immune system. And that we might choose mates by chemical signals released by potential mates who have similar but, not identical, genes. We know that the scent of a woman especially during certain times of the month, is most sweetest to a man that will drive him wild. During the time of our female monthly cycle, most women produce their strongest and sweetest scent, the female pheromone copulin, from first day of menstruation until the next ovulation. Biologically speaking this is of course due to natures motive to reproduce and multiply the species. Urine is used in the same way that these sexual and menstrual fluids are used. Urine in animals contain pheromones to attract mates but also to fend off any competition that might stroll by. When working sex magick or love magick the woman should use her menstrual blood which can be collected and stored for later use if the spell isn’t being done right away. The blood can be dried or frozen and stored. If the blood cannot be collected, the second method a woman may use is her vaginal fluids. Another method that can be used to collect sex fluids is during sexual arousal or orgasm so long as it’s not mixed with semen, hence during masturbation. The third most potent method is by the use of urine collected and used. If you really want to start off a good sex magick or love spell, a little preliminary work leading into the spell or magick is you can use masturbation to collect sexual fluids to be used in your work, focusing on your intent during orgasm. However, there are still other methods that you can use to get the essence of someone or yourself into a spell. Sometimes you can use bath water, or the left over drink of the target, or saliva. When none of these are attainable, you can use nail filings or pieces of hair. Some spells may call for hair from certain areas of the body, like the armpit or pubic area. Another personal concern that can be used is a piece of unwashed clothing of the target, like a sock or undergarment. Lastly, when all else fails and it’s completely impossible to sneak in and obtain these personal concerns, you would use photos, full names, and birthdays of the targets involved.


Now, you have your personal items, photos, etc. What do you do with them? As I can’t explain the hundreds of methods of usage of personal concerns, photos, and the like, I will give a few basics to get you started. The magick that you will be doing is symbolic and creative. So, lets start with the famous lodestones. Lodestones are magnetized natural rocks. They are natural magnets. Lodestones are used in attraction spells for Love and for Money, things that you want to attract. They are covered in little shavings of iron. The iron filings look fuzzy and move about when another lodestone is close enough. They appear hairy or fuzzy. Lodestones are “fed” with these iron filings, sometimes referred to as magnetic sand, and you may feed them hoodoo powders. Since they are naturally charged and seem to draw the iron filings to them, they are viewed as live rocks, naturally active. This is the symbolism behind the lodestone! Now, live things need to be fed, so you feed the stone the filings to keep it active and “alive”. Treat your lodestone like you would a pet, if you ever had a pet rock as a kid, you know what I mean. Talk, feed, name it. This will keep it active to draw in what you have charged your stone to do. Before you do this, you want to identify your stone as a male or female. The stone can be named after your target and you anoint your stone with their personal concern or lay their photo, hair, etc. under their stone. In love work, you use a matched pair, one female, one male, or male/male, female/female for same sex relationships. To identify the stones as male or female takes look at the shapes of the stones. Round ones are females, pointed or triangular ones are males AND make sure it still has its magnetism!

Name Papers

You can add personal concerns to a name paper. You can add these fluids if dried, into bottle spells, honey jars, etc. For instance, take a name paper that you have written out and anoint it with the fluids allow to dry and place in your bottle or jar with the other ingredients for the spell. Ok, pausing for a minute, name papers. Name papers are used in spells to write out your petition. There are many ways to write a name paper such as if I am going to dominate a target, I would write out their full name 7 times one under the other on an equal square piece of brown paper from a brown paper bag, or a parchment paper, turn my paper quarter turn and write my name over on top theirs, symbolizing having domination and control over the target, 7 times. Around the outside of the names, in a complete circle without lifting your pen (takes practice!) write out the petition in simple words or a phrase, repeating until the last letter of the last word is connected to the first letter of the first word. THEN, go back and dot your i’s and cross your t’s.


Amulets are charged objects that are carried or worn on you or affixed to something like a mojo bag, necklace, charm bracelet, etc. It can be a piece of paper, rock, jewelry pendant or charm, lucky charms, hand sculpted artwork, bottle of special ingredients, photo cut from a magazine, special coins, or so many other items. These amulets are charged with prayers, oils, bodily fluids, or powders. Amulets for love work can be charged with sexual fluids. It might be a photo of the target, or a specially prepared locket of love formulas and petition paper inside, worn as a necklace. Amulets can be mixed with other items and put into a mojo bag or set on your altar.  They may be charged by the powers of the Moon, or Psalms and other prayers. A simple dedication prayer that you write yourself can be used. The purpose of the amulet is up to you, it can be to attract a new lover, bring peaceful conditions in the home, or draw a friend closer to you and fall in love. Again like many other techniques in magickal practice, there are endless ways to use and create an amulet to work with.

Mojo Bags

Mojo bags, gris gris bags, prayer bags, or mojo hands as each person may have a different name for a mojo bag, are used similar to amulets and lodestones. However, just as a lodestone is “alive” and has a spirit of it’s own, so does the mojo bag. Amulets are not alive, it’s a symbol charged with an intent. These mojo bags are hot with energy, spirit, alive with the energy it is created for. Life is breathed into a mojo bag, by the breath of the worker, incense smoke, and/or prayers. You carry and treat it as it is alive, keeping it safe from prying eyes, and feed it with oils, waters, powders, fluids, or even whiskey. They are fixed with herbs, powders, curios, petition papers, personal concerns, and other symbols of your purpose. They are then tied shut so they will not be opened unless you want to undo your work. Then they are activated by the worker. Again, this might be through smoking with incense, breathing life into the mojo hand, praying over the it, anointing it with hoodoo oils, or with an alcohol such as whiskey or rum. These things are necessary to keep it alive and working for your purpose. This might be daily, once a week, or every two weeks, depending on your style and what the bag is for. In all cases, it is either carried on you close to your skin preferably or in your pocket and always out of sight of others so to not kill the energy or disturb it’s purpose. Sometimes the mojo bag is put on your working altar to get the energy going, or as you work candles and lodestones. In matters of the home you can put a mojo bag at the front door for peaceful home, stay with me, come to me workings. A mojo bag prepared for kiss me now or come to me or stay with me can be put between the mattress of your bed. Mojo bags or mojo hands can be made from cloth of different colors associated to love work like red or pink. They can be a bag style, or a little packet wrapped like a gift, out of fabric and thread, jute, or yarn. These are just the few ways to work a mojo bag.


Spirits used for love work can be St. Martha the Dominator, who is petitioned to keep or punish a man who’s been unfaithful, to dominate him. A favorite of mine to work with is simply Our Lady of Guadalupe, because of her loving and healing nature I like to use her in cases that I work on for Reconciliation or simple Love spells. Another Saint to work with is St. Anthony because he returns lost items and can be petitioned to return a lost lover. Graveyard spirits are conjured for certain love works too. Ancestors are called on to aid in love work, and so is Santa Muerte, and personal spirit guides of the worker. The best resource to keep in your home if you are married with children or trying to have children with your spouse is an image of the Holy Family. I use this image for peaceful home conditions as well.


Prayers for love work are spoken to the spirits you are working with or energies that are being worked with. Prayers are recited during candle burnings, doll work, and Saint workings. Prayers are spoken over amulets, mojo bags, or other items that are used during the love work. Prayers that I like to personally use in love work, depends on the type of work I am doing. For reconciliation work I use the Psalms 28, 32, 85 and 140. For love drawing I use 47 or 138. Other prayers used can be verses taken from Song of Solomon’s Prayer, the Divine Hummingbird prayer, a Kamadeva (Hindu God of Love and Desire) prayer, or the Universal Love Prayer in Buddhism. You can also use prayers to God, prayers to a Saint you are working with for your situation or you can always create your own love prayer, or write a poem to use as a prayer or chant in your work.