Winter & New Years Ceremony at the shop

As 2016 wraps up and we are carried off into 2017 and the Winter season, the house smells of cinnamon, hazelnut, and a little bit of dragons blood mixed with sage. Winter is a time that I always like to focus attention to cleaning up and clearing out any stagnating energies that haven't made it to full maturation that was set into motion during the Spring equinox. Getting rid of energies that no longer serve us, purging old ways that no longer align in our universes, is the winter season theme beginning this past week. From the Winter Solstice to the New Year is the time that I spend clearing the energies. From a full house cleansing, removing of dead spiritual cob webs, floor washing, incense smoking, fire releasing ceremonial event, and cleaning up all of the altars, personal and client working, is in full swing this weekend through next week. This year has been filled with much sorrow, death, and all sorts of mental breakdowns that have touched our magickal community, the world around us, and even here at home. So, this New Year's, at the shop I am planning on holding a community healing for continuous release of what no longer serves us, letting go of old habits, patterns, thoughts, feelings, tangled ropes, the dead fallen branches that need to be cleared and released so that we can see what really lies ahead of us and waits for us on our path. I am not talking about choosing new paths, but clearing it, lifting the fog to see your path more clearly. I will add a link to the FB link at the bottom of this post so you can add your name for me to put you on the petition.

For New Years, I like to make up all new Attraction/Abundance sprays, baths, and floor washes for the shop and for my home. I usually do not cook traditional foods for luck and prosperity as many do, instead I have been taking this time to prepare these for myself, family, and friends. I also spend a lot of this time working on new business adventures for the new year, get it all out into my notebooks and work on the sites a little bit.This is just what has served me well over the past few years, and gets my inside light all toasty and ready to shine for the New Year. : )

Let's see, what has been happening all year at CATR? This year, I introduced Hoodoo Tea Blends to the inventory. I also put together a few Conjure Boxes, and really looking forward to doing some more this year. I had several custom Conjure Boxes sent out to folks. That was a lot of creative fun and I think they enjoyed the nice surprises. There is one left for the year, it's a duplicate of the first money conjure box that came out around March/April (the image is of the first one that sold). It's exactly the same, so if you want to snatch it up, it's on the shop here Money Conjure Box.
For 2017, I am really hoping that we will be in a new space finally, I have outgrown my working area. I don't have any immediate plans to open the doors again for the public or clients, but many of my regular clients know that if they are local they can follow my meetups where I frequently host magickal meet and greets and workshops. So, if you haven't already come out to meet, please send me a message and I will get you connected to the meetup group! That's about it for now! I hope you enjoyed my rambling! Hahaha. Don't forget to stop over to the event page on Facebook to read up on the January event.

Winter Releasing Event <~~ Event to sign up to be added to the Community Conjure Blessing.