Rootworker, Spiritual Mother, Teacher, Certified Spiritual Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, Certified Life Coach, Vodou Practitioner, and Owner of Conjure and The Root.
I opened to the public and have been working with clients and customers since 2008.

Salute! I’m Vescha, a southern rootworker born in Southern California, raised in South East Georgia. I have traveled all lower southern U.S. states, fond of the swamps, woods, beach, and deserts! Growing up, my parents allowed me to explore my own spiritual and magickal path. On my journer through a “spiritual gathering”, I learned, practiced, embraced, and have taught many forms of magick. Early in life, I explored Wicca, Witchcraft, Egyptian myths, Hinduism, Yoga practices, and Divination with Tarot, Bones, and Runes. In early adulthood, I studied and practiced Tantra, Gnosticism, Thelema, Alchemy, Hoodoo, and Haitian Vodou. I am just an ordinary girl, an occultist, rootworker, magician, healer, and priestess! 😉 I strive for the liberty and gnosis of each individual. I believe that we all have the power within to rule the Universe as a Star, a God and Goddess, embracing both the feminine and masculine divine. I believe we are capable of reaching the highest attainment in Life which is in unity with God, whoever your God may be.

At an early age, I knew my path would lead me to help others to reach their goals, sharpen their life skills, enrich their self knowledge, find happiness, balance, truth, love, passion, and success. Those that know me, can tell you I am an eccentric woman with honesty, loyalty, blunt, and mostly friendly! I can be very blunt that can come across as harsh or abrasive because I don’t sugar coat the truth. To know the truth, helps us grow and evolve, and make educated decisions for a our enlightened self. 🙂

I have always had an interest in spiritual and occult studies. I was 11 yrs. old when a friend and I began seriously discussing what God was and if an afterlife existed. I was the type of kid who was an introvert and spent most of my time writing songs, poetry, drawing, or day dreaming about being a dancer, actor, or private investigator! During my teen years, I was the shy yet expressive with my sense of unique style and ideas. I spent much of my time in inner reflection and learning about where I fit in and what the world was really like, seeking out the mysteries in spiritual and magickal texts. In the 80’s, I experienced my first paranormal experience. I was 14, it was spontaneous and was a visit from a deceased family member. Later, I learned that others in my family had some spiritual gifts of dreaming true and sensing deceased family members. Nevertheless, this experience was interesting enough for me to look deeper into what existed beyond the normal “senses”. As a teenager, how much of our senses are we breaking down fundamentally? By this time, I was a teenage girl who had a better understanding of who she was. I was the “go to” friend for advice, I was the “Momma” to my friends. I started studying the easiest to acquire magickal books from the library and soon my mother gave me her copy of a book called “What Witches Do”, a 1970’s copy that she had kept from her teen years. In addition, my family and I traveled to New Orleans to vacation every year. I learned a little about Vodou, dolls, and charms. Most likely, there was an influence of hoodoo in the elementary magick I was doing at the time with binding and love spells. In the 90’s, during my 20’s, my then partner exposed me to the first Vodou ceremony to Ogou. At the time, I was present for learning and support. I had NO idea the path Ogou’s machete was about to clear…

Fast forward to the present… The Vodou Loa have shaped and guided me through the best of times and trials in life. Over time, through doubt, skepticism, excitement, fear, and happiness, you come to embrace the fact that the door and roads have opened and have brought you adventure! They have guided me to where I am today and to this work. I am healer and a catalyst. My goal is to provide others with the tools to gain self awareness and knowledge. It’s not always the easiest task; people come and go in life. Sometimes, you have to leave old friends behind. Sometimes, they don’t understand or cannot keep up with the changes you go through. It never changes though, even through sacrifice, I am here provide opportunity, the tools, and knowledge to people who are in search of happiness, love, and that fluttery good stuff we enjoy!

Through the journey, I have worked on my personal goals to become a spiritual guide, a teacher, a healer, a life and relationship coach. I still enjoy learning new magickal techniques and whatever else the journey of life provides! I hope that my sharing of who I am inspires something in others to stay unique and embrace the self, to always continue to be the Queen/King that you are! I hope you cherish your own path! Self truth, responsibility, vigilance, and the pursuit of personal enlightenment is important. Your way is the RIGHT way, don’t let anyone tell you different!

Love and Success to you!
Mama Vescha