Bibliomancy is a form of Divination

Bibliomancy is a divination practice that is used to foretell the future, to divine the moment captured in time, or to seek spiritual insight via a passsage from a sacred or holy book. This year, I would like to experiment a little with using bibliomancy each week and record the reading. This is part of my contribution to the community this year, so I hope that you will all walk with me on this journey, benefit from these small divinations, and allow them to give you insight that you may need." ~* crossposted from my facebook page.

This week I started the Bibliomancy readings. These are not just for "my benefit", but for those that the "messages" are for. How I do this, is like pulling a general reading for my clients. The only focus is reading what message needs to be heard for the week by known and unknown people. So, sometimes the message may not be for you, but maybe it's for someone you know, or maybe the next reading will "speak" to you. These are going to be posted primarily through my new Instagram profile I started weee-early this morning, Lol. Instagram is the fastest method for me right now to share short on the go moments. I don't have time right now to get all fancified with youtube. Besides, I am just trying to make a little contribution, and well, doing videos has always freaked me OUT! I am such a hermit, and errrrr, let's say, reserved, not so shy anymore, but no matter how many "performances" or stages I have been on, or classes I have taught, public rituals performed over the past 20 something years, V is just weird like that! SO, you most likely won't find these on this blog or FB page, yet, or ever! LOL. I will post a link though, if I can figure that technical part out! :D
Ok enough rambling... Let's find that direct link to week one of the NEW YEAR! Yay.
AHA! Ok, here's that link ;) Bibliomancy 1/3/17
Enjoy, Lovlies!
Light & Love
Mama V