About Us/Returns

Serving the community and clients for over 13 years. Conjure and the Root was formally called Sacred Vescha Conjure. My botanica is family owned and operated, authentic folk magick practitioner, priestess, Vodou practitioner, the brains behind the conjure botanica and it’s formulas, that’s me, Mama Vescha. I have been an occultist and magickal practitioner in a variety of paths since a young teenager, navigating my humble life through spiritual guidance, awareness, and growth. We never stop learning as we grow older. My botanica resides in the Georgia.

Some purchased tangible products may be eligible for exchange but can not be restocked for sanitary purposes. Spell Services cannot be refunded.
Please inquire if you have questions on a received package, and please use the testimony page after your package arrives for leaving positive feedback. Please consult directly with me to help resolve any issues. I rarely have them, just to toot my own horn. 😉 I work hard for you all, because I love quality in homemade items. I strive to make you happy and keep referrals coming in. I take pride in my work, and set an example for my own flesh and blood to do the same. I hope you will be quite pleased with your conjure items.