Below are some Questions frequently asked so, I wrote this page to help new customers and clients become more familiar with products and services available.

1. How much are your oils, baths, services, etc. ?

Please, before asking this common question, take the time to browse through my store linked. I have over 500 products in production and that means that while I may remember most of the prices set, many custom items are varied in price and keeping a memory log of each product is just not possible. When it comes to services, again, I can’t answer this right away until you’ve decided what service is needed, what you can afford, and what you are comfortable with. The best thing to do is look through the root work/spell services to get an idea on what you are most interested in.

2. Do you do custom love spells, money spells, etc. ?

Yes. If you found me through the first page, home page, then you will see the link on every page to the right that leads you to the spell services page that has many services listed for doing spell casting for you. You have lots of options within a wide range of budgets too, plus I offer payment plans for the bigger works.

3. What do you charge for spell casting/work?

There are many options under root work/spell services, but the basics are: For me to light a candle for you, called a setting of lights, a 7 day candle, on my altar, the cost is $12.00. The longer the time frame you buy for the light setting, the more you save. Mini chime candles are cheaper and burn less time than a light setting. Prepared mojos are $50.00, nation sacks are $65.00, and jar spells are $55.00. Full ritual spell casting that includes bottle spells, mojo, candle burnings, and other various castings and prayer work is a flat charge of $235.00 plus shipping supplies to you after the casting is completed if you choose that option.

4. Do I have to provide names and photos for you to cast a spell for me?

Yes. First and last name and photos IF you have photos. If you do not know your targets last name or have a photo, provide as much detail as possible for me and I can work with you on your case still.

5. How long does it take for you to do the ritual?

Minimum is 3 weeks, 21 days,  but a month is typical or longer for extensive cases. Keep in contact with me after a month so I know you are still interested in the work. Clients who disappear after a month are considered to have abandoned the work. It will still manifest, but I really need some feedback from you and have your current address so I can mail your follow up products.

6. How long does it take for work to manifest and see results?

I wish I could answer this whole heartedly and nail it each time, BUT magick doesn’t work that way. It is mysterious and it travels deeply in all levels of existence, weaving through and pulling the energies into alignment. Because there are so many levels from all directions and more than one person is being worked on magickally, we can’t pinpoint the hidden energies that are there and can reveal themselves while working the spell work. With that said, the best answer I have for you is that sometimes it will manifest in a blink of an eye when you least expect it to, and the other times it could take a month, a year, or longer. It’s rare that I have seen it manifest more than a year later. I do see good positive progression towards the goal with a few months. If it doesn’t show progress in three months, try doing some additional spell work like light settings, or another spell in a different angle, etc. One day at a time is what I tell clients. You have to be patient yet diligent. Work silently as well, and always keep your work secret and safe from prying eyes and nosy friends and family.

7. Do you provide photos and updates on the work?

Sometimes, yes. But it would be at the end of the job. I just don’t have time to do many pictures with the busy schedule. Updates generally yes, about half way through the work. You can check in too of course which is helpful for me!

8. Do you provide spiritual counseling?

Sometimes, yes. If I am doing spell work for you then I do give tips and advice on how to handle things mundanely and I try to answer all questions as best as possible for you. I am always here to listen even if I do not reply right away. Sometimes, time does not allow me to sit long enough away from working for my clients and family affairs to attend to in between.

9. Can I do anything on my end while you are casting?

You sure can! Every bit of positive energy provided is helpful. You can either order some products to do at home, or take a look through my blog and prayers page to do some research on what I have listed for your situation. Prayers are very helpful to add. You can recite them daily any time, sit and meditate and focus on the desired goal, and/or use some products at home. Oils and baths are popular and very easy to work with in private.

10. Should I get a reading first before spell work is performed?

This depends on if you are certain or not that work should be done. A reading can be done prior to work to find out if work should be done in your case. If you are sure you want work done and already set on getting a spell casted, not to worry because the beginning process of your ritual begins with a reading anyway. This is just to help me see where to start and be sure the direction decided. 

11. How successful are your castings?

I get asked this so many times and unfortunately like I have said before there are just no guarantees to successful outcomes. You win some, you lose some. I do not hear back from all clients so I never know what success they have obtained or not. I do, however, hear a great amount of success from the work I do that is reported back, and I get great feedback on my testimonials page monthly when clients and customers remember to leave comments. 🙂 The page is there for people to read about others experience with me, so hopefully it answers this question so much better than I can.

12. Does it really matter if I order “with shipping” or “without shipping” on services performed? Will it effect the work if I choose not to have them shipped, or will it not be as strong and powerful?

Ok, this is another common question. First, if it affected the strength or success of a spell casting, then I would not offer it this way. The real difference here and the reason why I offer both is because many clients have obstacles that prevent them from having any baths, oils, jars, or mojos sent to them. Some clients live in countries where customs open the boxes for inspection and mojo bags are filled with loose herbs, resins, and curious objects that will just get confiscated for suspicion. Same for some baths and the honey jars. I have had Canada drive a rod through a honey jar to inspect it’s contents. The client sent photos of the damage it caused, and the ingredients leaked out all over the inside of the rest of the contents. I have other clients living in India with their parents who do not allow any other religious items in the home. No privacy for any small works sent home, period. An altar is not even necessary for any follow up works, but some people just live a life without privacy from family members. In addition, some people just feel they can not do any spell work for reasons such as they feel their energy interferes, they feel jinxed, they do not have confidence in their abilities, etc. So, if any of this applies to you, feel free to order “without shipping”, it will be just as powerful and effective. 

13. What is the strongest (enter request here) you have, I need the most powerful and strongest you have, fast!?

Ahhh Poop! Cause that’s not pressure at all. Ok, here’s the scoop. Seriously, each formula is powerful and strong. In hoodoo, each formula is specific to each situation it’s charged for. If you need strong and powerful, try mixing some formulas such as Blockbuster or Road Opener and a Love formula/s or Money formula/s. If you want fast, add Fast Luck formula. Mixing hoodoo oils is very common and very effective. We don’t make weak or so/so formulas. They all serve their purpose powerfully. Maybe you need to try a new technique, and not just a light setting or honey jar. If you have one or more going, and you aren’t seeing results, reevaluate your techniques applied, and try adding a mojo hand, doll work, mirror box spell, or figure candle burnings. You might just need to give your work additional time to manifest.

14. Will anything bad come back on me, what about karma, or the 3 fold law?

When you are working from a place of pure heart, your angels and guardians are protecting you. It is always best to keep up with spiritual cleansings with an herb like hyssop, to wash and purify your spirit, no matter what type of roots you are laying. In hoodoo, there is no 3 fold law. This is something believed by Wiccans and the like. When you are justified in your work, the angels are on your side. Karma? No. If karma were a key player right now, you wouldn’t be resorting to any magickal aides, now would you? Again, stick to a pure heart and purify your spirit often.

15. Can I call you to explain my situation?

Unfortunately, I can not take phone calls for customers or clients. The reason why is because this system gets abused by some. Late night texts and calls and interference in my family time. I work from home in privacy, but I share a home with my family and pets. I would not want to compromise confidential information of my clients. The second reason, is I would have to set up a scheduled time for a call during working hours, which takes more time than the flexibility of email correspondence. This I have found cuts into hands on working time for active cases. And the third important reason, is that through email I get all the details saved for reference. It’s not possible for me to remember every detail of every clients case, match up circumstances to who, and not forget an important detail of your case. I am very thorough, very organized person, you go into a file on the computer. It’s how I can work effectively and efficiently, without forgetfulness, mixing you up with someone else, and just overall human errors. 

16. Can I come to your shop for a reading?

I really enjoyed the time I had at my old location to bring in clients for readings and to pick up their orders. At the current time, I am no longer in a separate working space for clients and customers to come to. What I can offer though for locals, is to get in contact with me and I can talk with you about the local classes that I offer. This will give you an opportunity to learn new skills for yourself and to meet me. I do screen new incomers to my classes though, so be prepared! 😉