Hoodoo Bath & Floor Wash

Ritual baths and floor washes are a tradition in Hoodoo as well as in many other traditions. These can be performed in several ways such as ritual cleansing of a person, house, or business. You can include incense, candles, floorwash, and prayers. Baths are used to get rid unwanted negative energies from fighting with a lover, friend, or unpleasant family member that leaves a spiritual mess behind. A ritual cleansing can clear a space quickly or in some situations, could take longer to remove and several cleansings over several days is required. Cut and Clear spells, in which a set number of spiritual cleansing baths would be prescribed to clear out lingering energies left behind from an ex who moved out. Ingredients in the baths help to detox the body spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. A spiritual cleansing will cleanse your aura and rebalance your energies. There are many types of cleansings like Stop Gossip, Uncrossing, Healing, or Protection. Ritual baths also consist of other intentions too. Ritual baths can be created for drawing love, money, a new job, increasing luck, or having prophetic dreams and visions. If you are looking to draw in love, take a ritual bath for love drawing at the start of your day and you will have the essences of your magickal bath on your skin as you mingle with your target. You can always include candles, incense, or sachet powders if you are doing a whole spell working.
Care and caution is important when using baths that contain essentials and herbs. There are two popular products for ritual baths. Bath crystals like what we sell on our shop and water baths which consists of herbs and essentials steeped in hot water and cooled then bottled to use. Prayers are used with baths. Candles can also be set while bathing.Just like dressing candles, washing away from head to toe, downwards, is used when ridding of energies. Washing upwards from feet to head when bringing in blessings or drawing positive energies to you. Traditionally, psalms are used for the prayers, but it’s acceptable to write your own prayers or use a prayer to a specific saint or spirit. You can use plain white candles or use color coordinated candles to match your intention, such as green form money matters and pink or red for love matters. Ritual bathing can be done over a series of days such as 3, 5, 7, or 9. Then after the bath, the water can be disposed of like ritual candle remains at a crossroads or throwing a bowl or cup of the water out the front door or a tree to absorb and transmute the energy.

A typical method of performing a ritual bath for Uncrossing:
Before sun rise, run a hot bath and add a prepared uncrossing bath. Light two white candles and set them on the sides of the tub so that you be standing or sitting between them. Step into the bath and pour the water over your head 13 times and recite Psalm 37. Only wash downwards from head to toe to remove unwanted spiritual energies. Sit and meditate, if you like. When finished, collect a cup of the used bath water, and drain the rest. Step out and air dry. Some people will then stand and use incense to smoke themselves with uncrossing incense or a purification incense like frankincense. Once you have air dried (not towel dry) dress in clean clothes and take the used saved bath water to a crossroads, turning your back to the rising sun in the east, throw the water over your shoulder and leave without looking back. An alternative way is to take the water to a tree trunk and throw it at the base so the tree may absorb the negativity. Let the candles burn out all the way on their own, unless you are going to repeat the uncrossing for a prescribed number of days, in which then you will just pinch out the candles (do not blow them out) to reuse the following day.

An attraction bath would be similar to the uncrossing except that you wash from feet to head, in upward motion. You can pour the water over your head 7 or 9 times and recite psalm 23 or another prayer of intent to attract your desires. Use white or colored candles that correlate to your intention. Save a cup or bowl of used bath water. Air dry like before. Throw the bath water on the front doorstep and sweep the water towards your front door to bring in the desired goal. The alternative is to go to the crossroads, back turned to the sun and throw over your shoulder, leave without looking back.

These baths are a jump start of a bigger ritual sometimes, but can be used just as a bath on their own, and still provide a successful outcome.

Floor wash is similar to ritual baths except they are used cleanse and work on physical places like homes and businesses. If a ritual bath is performed and you are going to be cleansing the home as well, use some of the used bath water to add to your floor wash. same rule of directing energies is applied to floor wash applications. Wash walls, doors, and windows from top to bottom, back to front when removing negativity. Wash from front to back, and bottom to top when bringing in luck, money, love, etc. If you own a business, was the sidewalk to the front door of the business and bring it in over the threshold into the place of business. Add candles, prayers, and incense if you want.
You can add your ritual floor wash to Pine Sol cleaner for luck and money or add it to ammonia or Murphy’s Oil soap to clean out negativity. Popular floor washes include Van Van, Chinese floor wash, and Fiery Wall of Protection. Certain days of the week, the timing, can be incorporated. I like to start my week off with a good luck floor wash added to my weekly chores. It’s a simple “kill two birds with one stone” technique!

A floor wash for money drawing:

Take money drawing floor wash in the early AM, pour it into a bucket of hot water and add Pine Sol. Begin outside the front door and mop towards the front door and through it. Mop towards the back of the house in the motion of front to back covering the entire floor. Recite psalm 23 as a basic good luck prayer. Wash the baseboard too if you can access them. If you have carpet, you can dip a broom in the water and sweep the energy in instead, covering as much area as possible. Dispose of water at a crossroads or in the back yard.

To remove energies from your home, use uncrossing, spiritual cleansing, or something similar but start at the back of the house and work your way to the front door. Recite Psalm 37 or other purification prayer.