Working For You


Please read this page before ordering any services from me. This page will give you a good guideline on what to expect if I take your case. Once you read this information, you can purchase a service from me here.

Please also read through each services descriptions offered, which all can and will be customized for you personally. Also, read the Q&A link. Finally, you may actually find many answers in my blog postings. You can send an inquiry for a consultation on spell services through the inquiry page. Most communication will now go through the inquiry.

What cases I will consider:

  1. Love cases including break up work that is justified (reconciliation, come to me, sex, draw a new lover, marriage, etc.)
  2. Family and home issues
  3. Court cases
  4. Healing work for emotional, mental, and physical conditions
  5. Protection
  6. Spiritual cleansing and removal of crossed/jinxed conditions
  7. Money drawing, new job, starting a new business or growing a business
  8. Success in school, work, love, communication
  9. Binding, hot foot, and move someone away
  10. Break up

What I will not work:

  1. Illegal requests such as anything that might be considered as sexual misconduct, neglect, or violating personal space
  2. Work that jeopardized the well being of a minor child
  3. Divorce that puts the children at risk
  4. Death or illness brought to an enemy

If we work together on your situation, chat with me to feel me out, as best as possible through the cyber barrier we call our computer screens! You will soon realize how much each one of my clients means to me. While getting to know me, please consider that I, too, have a family that needs my attention. Some clients will panic the first time their email is not immediately answered, which means I am not at the computer or phone to answer. I am a friendly individual and you can count on building trust in our working relationship. However, in every relationship we have to have boundaries for ourselves in order to maintain focus. That focus is the goal at which we are aimed to succeed in your work. What this means is this: while I do care and take the work seriously, I cannot hand hold clients throughout the entire work in progress. Many come to me with emotional cases; I am deeply compassionate and I fully engaged with dire needs, desperate situations, and so forth. However, we are human beings with limits and while you may need my support by answering your questions, it draws attention away from actually doing and focusing my energy into your spellwork. It is important to not obsess over work being done. Allow the spells and energy to work into the many layers, manifest, and integrate into real time. If you sit and obsess, you are hurting your situation and not working with the energy that is changing, manifesting, or coming through channels to you. When you obsess over the work, you are not living your life and not open to receive the blessings that are trying to come in to your life. This can send negative and blocking energies that will prevent you from moving forward in life or to your goals. Keeping positive and sending that energy out, you get back positive energy! In other words, you get back what you put into it! Magick works from the inside out, through layers of existence, it can stretch far into the cosmos and aethyrs into the invisible and unknown.

Set realistic goals for spells. There are no guarantees in life or in magick. If you don’t see results at first, this normal. It can take months for a manifestation or sign to reveal itself for several reasons. Look into your situation more deeply, beyond the desired outcome and pain associated with what is happening. Look at all influences, look under the surface too, because sometimes there are things going on around the issue that isn’t so obvious and is hidden from view. Does this mean you should give up? No, being patient and open minded is key. Will a spell always be successful? Definitely not. Sometimes, spirit has another plan for you that is better. Better than you ever knew it could be! We want to have a successful spell each time, but work cannot be guaranteed. If it could, then we would all be winning the 750 million jack pot! A doctor and a lawyer cannot guaranteed success or a win, so keep this in mind when choosing your rootworker! Run like hell the other way if a rootworker tells you otherwise, because you were just scammed out of $5000.00! Tarot cards, intuition, second sight can all help guide you to your goal, but even if the outcome is successful and that man comes back, he MIGHT come back with an attitude you need to adjust for him! Or he might have that same annoying habit of not putting his dirty socks in the laundry. What ever the case may be, this doesn’t mean you need to give up. First goal, set realistic outcomes and temper the desires to obsess over your situation. Trust the spirits and your rootworker. The one thing you can count on is that your case will be worked diligently and 150% effort! I go above and beyond for clients. I can give you guidance towards outside help if needed. I guarantee confidentiality and help with setting realistic goals.

The next thing is to know when to set a time limit on spells. If you don’t see results, nothing is budging after a whole spell and SEVERAL weeks or months, then it is time to reevaluate the angle and set a time limit. You don’t want 6 months of back and forth with an ex. Setting the time limit, giving it a date on when it’s time to heal and move forward is important for your well being. You can reevaluate the situation after 6 weeks or so, depending on the aggressiveness of the ritual and try something new in regards to spellwork. You can set the time limit any time prior to ritual, during ritual, or after the ritual.

What to expect when hiring me as your rootworker for your case:

First be sure to read the above what I will do and not do for spellwork! Next, you want to think about your budget and time you have to invest in your goal. Contact me via the inquiry page or set up a free consulation on the book page. You can also order a tarot reading. It can provide information on your sitaution for us to examin and determine if rootwork is the right choice for you. Magick is complimentary to working on the mundane levels. Next, a plan of action is developed and suggestions are made for services, products, or both. Next, a payment is made and you will be scheduled in for a start date! The work is done over minimum a week but up to a month. Updates are provided towards the end, sometimes at the beginning if there is anything to report. Photos can be provided as well. When the spell is finished, products are shipped out if ordered or any items created and activated during the ritual are mailed out if previously discussed. Most of the time, additional work is not needed. If it is needed or you request additional spells, we will discuss it. Piling up spells doesn’t make the spells stronger, this can confuse the energy and slow down the process.

If you feel panicky or sad please don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional therapist! Deep breathing and meditation, mantras, long hot baths, long walks, can all help in the moment to calm you. But definitely reach out to someone if you are struggling emotionally with your situation!


Yes, pictures can be provided! Expect photos at the end of the service. Also, your photos might be used for Instagram and Facebook posts but never with client identity shown. When you receive your photos, keep them secret from prying eyes. Do not reveal to others about your spellwork so that others do not influence your situation or outcome. You do not want judgement, negative impressions intruding and clogging up the channels we are trying to travel towards success. Sometimes friends and family although seem to want the best for us, may not understand, be fully supportive, or harbor some deep jealously. This can create a downward spiral and cause worry and make a situation more stressful by causing depression and doubt. Secrecy keeps our work sacred and respected. It minimizes gossip and negative projections.

Wrapping up your case:

At the end of the ritual, the remains will be dispersed as intended and a follow up is discussed to further the spellwork on the altar or to close out the case as natural as possible. Feel free to update my on the progress that you see as well in the coming days or weeks. 🙂
Sometimes a client hires me to do the work then goes about life and never follows up with me or return messages about the spell. In this situation, work is left in ritual space during a grace period of about 2 weeks, just in case they pop back up! Life gets chaotic, right? However, if no contact is made, then ritual remains will be dispersed properly in the traditional manner. It will be assumed that the client has closed out or abandoned the work. No judgement, it’s understood that sometimes life takes over in many ways.