Petition/Name Papers

Prayers and Petitions are the spoken words of the intent and purpose of the worker and magician. These are stated words either by mouth, thought, or writing. They are expressions in words, symbols, and drawings of the main idea of the work which can be to bring in blessings of love, luck, money, protection, healing, or harm to another. They can be as simple as a prayer written on parchments, brown paper sack, bible pages, candle wax, photo, amulets, stones, or just about anything that you can come up with. When you write out a prayer or petition paper you will use this in your candle burning, place in mojo hands, burn to ash for a powder, sometimes consume the paper, anoint it with oils, powders, or bodily fluids, etc. The options in magickal work when working with papers is limitless. There is no one right way to write these out. I have constructed a few different types of papers to give you an idea of what we are discussing as examples that I personally will use for many types of situations.
Just like creating oils, powders, and mojo hands, use an odd number of lines in your writings such as 3, 5, 7, 9, 13. You can use colored ink to represent your work, although this is not important, this just seems to be something that many new workers experiment with. The type of ink isn’t as important either with one particular rule of thumb to keep in mind. Do not use your own blood! We aren’t making pacts with the devil here or making blood oaths, folks… Using your own blood is a dangerous act for many solid reasons that I am NOT going to go into in this post, but will say, that using your blood for a petition indefinitely ties you to the work on several levels, making it harder to break the bonds if you ever decide to “undo” your work for whatever reason (believe me or not, some will undo their work, because of a variety of reasons, surely I have discussed it before…). Anyway, NO do not use your own blood in writing petitions. Some folks will use specials inks like dragon’s blood ink, bat’s blood ink, and dove’s blood ink. All of which are sold as commercial inks that do not contain any real blood from animals.
The type of paper you will use depends on what your petition is for. I have named several, but for this instruction I have used brown paper sack as the paper (actually it’s a computer generated brown paper, but I recommend NOT printing out your petition, hand write your petition out because it enhances and personalizes the work. These images are just for examples ONLY). Now, make your paper as close to natural as possible by tearing the sides neatly making a square paper about 3×3 or 4×4 at the largest. Some say do not cut the paper sides unless you are doing a cleansing, cut and clear, or other removing work. I always just tear it along the sides regardless of intent. Cutting the paper is a method used in spells like separation spells though, in which the couples names are side by side and you cut the paper in half separating their names as part of the ritual act itself. ANYWAY, Forward. 🙂 This leaves enough room for adding powders, herbs, curios, personal concerns to be folded up inside the paper.
The first shown here is a simple prayer paper that is written as a prayer to God or a spirit that is the wish of the petitioner. Ok, Let me stop here and add something to this. Bible pages. You can have a whole separate bible used for just this purpose, to write your prayers or petitions on the page with a related purpose to your goal. Ok, moving on. 🙂

Prayer papers are simple and easy to use, you can set this prayer under your vigil light, you can pin it to the wick inside of an oil lamp for a special Saint, or you can use this inside of a specially prepared wax mojo hand for your purpose.

Next, I have constructed a personal petition paper that has the goal written out first an odd number of times (3, 7, or 9 are the numbers I will use). Turn the paper and write out your full name across the petition the same number of times directly on top of the petition words. This is called “covering and crossing”. Now the last thing you CAN do, but not everyone does, is write out a short phrase such as “successfulbusinesssuccessfulbusiness” that is the main idea of the intent around the words in a complete circle without lifting the pen for spaces or dotting i’s and crossing t’s. Connect the last letter of the last word to the first letter of the first word. Then go back to dot i’s and cross t’s. Additionally, but not mandatory, is to draw symbols in the 4 corners of the petition paper.

Step One: Write out your petition
Step Two: Turn and Cross With Your name


Step Three: Circle with your petition

The second type of paper I have created is a common paper used in domination, controlling, influencing, or other works where two people are involved, your target, target’s, or you. In this paper, the one you want to have the upper hand and control of the situation crosses over top of the target. It is constructed just the same as the one above with the options to putting in extra symbols in the 4 corners too. It looks like this.

Step One: Target’s name first


Step Two: Turn and cross with your name or who is taking the upper hand


Step Three: Circle with your petition

Next Paper is a simple love petition involving just Names, so I call this a Name paper. It is written similar to the one above, however, there is no written petition around it, instead hearts are drawn or colored in the corners.

Name Paper option

The last one I have made is used for something like a wish granting spell for love, money, success, etc. It’s again, written similar to the other ones above, but I have used 3 lines instead of 7 or 9.

Step One: Write three wishes
Step Two: Turn and Cross with Your Name


Step Three: Circle your petition and write any symbols

OK. Once you have your paper written out, you can then fix and dress it with appropriate oils to your work, sprinkle powders or herbs in it, curios, and place any small amount of personal items (strand of hair, nail clip, bodily fluid) on top of the paper and fold towards you for bringing in blessings, or away from you if you are removing something. Turn paper and fold again in the direction you are working with, then turn a third time and fold, always fold in the appropriate direction for the work. Now the paper is put in the place it was designed for (honey jar, mojo hand, beef tongue, bottle spell, box spell, doll or poppet, vigil candle, etc.) Some papers can be burned to ash and cooked into food for the target, in which you will not need to put all the oils, powders, etc. into it. Some papers are burned by fire of the candle to send the prayer into the universal cosmos and heaven. In a beef spell to shut the mouth of the opponent, some workers eat the petition paper that is fixed with hot peppers inside of the beef tongue as part of the ritual.
Once you have your spell worked out, you will know what is the appropriate way to write out your paper and how to use it. There are many ways to write out petitions papers, so get creative like I always encourage. If you make a mistake with the paper, start fresh. If you want a perfect circle or perfect square, use a ruler or jar lid to lightly pencil it on the paper first before you begin. Once you start using papers in your work, you will catch on quick and find new ways to construct them.