Psalms & Prayers

In traditional Hoodoo the Psalms and other Prayers are used for powerful invocations for many different circumstances. They are used in either candle burnings, spells, or even used when praying over concoctions of oils. Below is a list of Psalms and Prayers, however this list is by far NOT an exhausted list.


4- Change unlucky patterns, change your luck in love or money
5- To cleanse your business of possible blockages
6- For safe travel
7- Protection from enemies who try to cross you, used for court cases
8- Successful business transactions
10- Used to rid of demons from a person
11- Protection from evil and overcome fear
13- Protect the body from harm and an unnatural death
14- Protection from enemies, slander, and mistrust
15- Removes a haunting spirit
16- To find a thief, change sorrows to joy, or heal a broken heart
17- For a safe travel
19- For a safe childbirth, guiding children to success in life, and drive out evil spirits
20- To avoid persecution and jail
22- For a safe travel
23- Good luck, success, fortune, or guiding visions and dreams
26- To release a prisoner from prison
27- For others to welcome you and be kind to you, to turn your luck around in love, and be accepted by others
28- Reconciliation with a friend or an enemy
29- To cast out evil and evil spirits, to bring peace in the home
31- Protection from slander and gossip
32- To reconcile with a friend or lover, to gain love and respect, for forgiveness
33- For protection of a fetus in the womb and a newborn child
35- Protection from lawsuits
36- Protection from slander
37- Protection from enemies, slander, and gossip, used to break crossed conditions or jinxes
38 & 39- Protection from slander and the law
40- To cast out evil spirits and protection
41 & 43- To regain your reputation
45 & 46- Used to bring peace back to a marriage or live in couples
47- To be loved and respected by all, can be used for admiration, adoration, and attention from others, for commanding work
48- To protect from jealousy and envy
51- To be cleansed of sin
52- To reverse slander and deceitfulness
53- To shut the mouths of enemies and slander
54- To bring revenge to enemies or to reverse a curse
56- To help protect from committing a sin, to cleanse a bad habit, or to uncross a love jinx
57- For success and fortune, to change your luck in love
59- To uncross a love jinx
60- For protection for a soldier
61- For blessing a new home
65- For success and fortune in all matters, to open the roads for opportunities
67- To remove a binding
69- To find a thief, change sorrows to joy, to remove stubbornness, break bad habits, break a curse
70- For matters to be resolved quickly, reverse an influence over your lover or loved one
71- To free a prisoner
72- To find a thief, change sorrows to joy, charge a talisman or charm
85- To be reconciled with a former friend
89- To heal the sick, to free a prisoner
91- To release a prisoner, to rid of evil and demons from a person
94- Protection from enemies
96-98- For peace, joy, and happiness in the home and between family members
102 & 103- For fertility
108- For successful business
109- For revenge on an enemy
111- To draw attention and love, new potential love interests, to draw admiration, to glamour someone
112- For luck in money, getting a new job, grant, or loan
113- For faithfulness and fidelity
114- For success in business
115- For the truth to be spoken and revealed
117- To gain forgiveness for your wrong doing to a loved one
118- For breaking the influence from someone
119- For opening the roads to opportunities
120- For protection from persecution from a judge
121- For safe travel
126- For a safe pregnancy and safety for children, to protect from the demon, Lilith
127- For safety of a child
128- For safety of a pregnant woman
131- To remove stubbornness, clear blockages
132- For forgiveness for breaking your word or lying
133- To protect friendships and relationships, to gain more friends
134- For students to be successful
138- To gain love and friendship
139- To hold on to a marriage, keep a lover faithful, heal a marriage
140- To reconcile a marriage
141- To rid the self of fear, for having courage
142- For clarity, keeping the mind clear