Personal Concerns

Personal Concerns are used in hoodoo and spell casting to tie the work directly to a target. It is common to use personal concerns of yourself in your own money work or when you are working on a potential lover or spouse and include their personal concern as well. There are several types of personal concerns used, some being considered more powerful than others, but all will work successfully in spell work. These can be deployed in a variety of ways, such as jar spells, candle work, gris gris bags, fetishes, food that is consumed, doll babies, and so forth.

What type of personal concerns can be used? Well, let’s start with DNA. Simply put, DNA is a direct link to the target. There is absolutely no greater link to a person than the personal concerns that carry DNA.

Blood, Menstrual blood, Semen and Vaginal fluid, Mucous, Saliva, Sweat, Urine, Hair, Nail clippings, and Skin scrapings.

Most likely in that order from strongest link to least strongest. Now, how you collect and save these can be tricky, so you will have to seize the opportunities whenever you can. For instance, if your lover cuts themselves offer to help clean it with some gauze, tissue, or something that can be disposed of (seemingly). Unless they are gushing from a wound and need medical care immediately (Goddess, let’s hope not!), you should be able to clean up and save it for later or for a “maybe one day” moment. How might you collect other DNA? Well, you could always offer your lover a nice trim or pamper him/her and brush their hair, do their nails, etc. However, if your relationship with the person is complicated, chances are, you will have to scavenge the bathroom, their pillow, the sleeping quarters, the kitchen, the trash, anywhere there might be some left behind DNA.

The next type of personal concerns that can be used are personal items from the target that have come in contact with them.

Worn clothing (unwashed) such as a bra, underpants, boxers, socks, etc. which come in direct contact with the individual. Shirts, pants, and hats can be used.

I usually will suggest that a snipping of an unwashed collar, waist band, or inside head band be used since it’s the section of the shirt and pants that fits close to the skin, usually and will have been exposed to sweat.

The last type of  personal concerns can be something that the target is linked to that was once owned or touched by them.

A handwritten note, signature, other touched object, or the dirt of their shoe or foot track.

When all else is a no go, your only option may be to use non personal concerns such as a photograph, name paper, and date of birth. It will not lessen your effects, and I have seen results work equally as well with this minimal link used to tie the work to the target.

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