1. My spellwork was completed recently and I recieved a care package that had so many things in it that I didn’t expect this type of quality care and service. This is my first time using a professional. I usually just look up spells myself and do them. but I needed professional advice because it was getting to be too overwhelming. Mama Vescha helped me reorganize and sort through a lot of garbage in my situation and now I have a clearer idea in moving forward. She’s so much more than a rootwork or spellcaster. She’s a true helpful spirit with a lot of great ideas and a caring soul. I look for this in a friend and it only made sense to find someone with the knowledge in magic and for them to have these simple qualities in character. I am happy I found her and will continue to use her services.

  2. I had a candle spell performed recently that eventually manifested. Vescha set some additional obstacle removing candles to help and when she did, it’s like the clouds broke open and the sky was clear. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  3. Vescha is a great rootworker and priestess. She’s very kind and straightforward and her work is just beautiful. I always feel the work she is doing. I am an empath and have worked with others that I didn’t feel their work was as strong. But when Vescha is working on my candles I feel uplifted and like shifts are being made. I trust her and her work and will be a client for as long as I need a rootworker!

  4. I got a few candles burning from Mama Vescha and so far it all is burning good. I see results coming in everyday from my target. I am happy with my purchase.

  5. I have lots of work going with Mama and I am pleased with my progress on my life. She’s helped me with love and money and healing. She’s a trustworthy woman. She’s quite busy but still finds time to catch up with me when she needs to get a message to me about my candles.

  6. My spell service was successful and happened very quickly. Maybe because I already was using candles prior to approaching a professional worker but I am happy with the results and a firm believer! I wish to work with her again in the near future on other life situations!

  7. When I started working with Mama V, I was feeling some pressure at work and feared I would lose my position during the pandemic. Now the spell is complete and I was offered a full time position from home and signed a contract for the next 2 years with the employer. Thank you!!!!!

  8. My situation was a hard and confusing one to deal with and Mama Vescha helped my anxiety through it. We came up with a plan of attack during the consulation and I feel much better and at ease. Spellcasting has already started but not finished and I already feel at peace and seeing some movements for the better.

  9. I had a spell casting service performed from Mama V and my results were amazing. She helped me in a love situation and I am happy I chose to use her services. It was well worth it.

  10. Great community services offered. I have had results I didn’t expect! I want to sign up for all your community services soon! Thanks so much Vescha for all that you do to help us!

  11. A++ products! I ordered 3 spell kits and all are diong good so far. I hope I can get some advice on the candles reactions when they are finished too. So far Mama has been helpful to me situation. Thank you

  12. Mama’s products have always been superb! I love the hoodoo oils and incense. They come in a nice large container and smell wonderful. The incense is fresh and needs to be used on charcoal disks. I found out that the hard way! But I am pleased with the orders I get from her shop!

  13. I picked up some products from Mama Veschas shop recently. She greeted me from the drive for curbside pickup and was very helpful and sweet. I opened my order and found extra stuff she added. Such great customer service is apprectiated! I am excited to be a new customer and order more fun supplies soon!

  14. I received my order very quickly. I needed to exchange a product though and she helped me choose the right product without charging extra and she told me to hold on to the product that I ordered by mistake for later use.

  15. My first experience with spellcasting with Mama V was better than I expected. I have been scammed before and felt safe with my situation and getting her help with my situation.

  16. thank you for helping me out! I feel relieved to have you on my team of spiritual workers fighting for me. I praise your good name Mama and you are blessed by the God Almighty for being a huge help to me!

  17. Mama V has amazing skills as a professional rootworker. I always get the results that I need. She gives great advice and tarot readings. It’s always nice getting confirmation from the spirits that I am on the right path. Mama V is very sweet and intelligent and gifted!

  18. Mama V is an amazing worker. She’s fun and has a new spin on life and how to work magic. I have been a client of hers for many years and appreciate all she has done for me.

  19. Vescha is burning road opening for me. She’s straight honest with advice. She’s very sweet and helps when I am feeling anxious about the future. I know I shouldn’t worry, because it can block my item progress, but that’s why I come to her. She knows how to get me grounded and thinking positive.

  20. I have wonderful readings from Vescha that always help me decide in what direction to take with my life. She is very intuitive.

  21. Mama vescha completed a reading for me that really hit on some truths. I appreciate the honesty of her readings. I will be ordering some products very soon.

  22. Mama has been a tremendous help. Her tarot readings are a huge insight as well. I recommend her work and her products anytime. I have been a customer for several years and always pleased with the results.

  23. Thank you for your guidance, Vescha. I will contact your again soon about upcoming projects I need some help with making decisions. Your tarot readings have been a big help and blessing.

  24. thanks for working candles for me. I am getting good feedback from the spell on my love life. I will be ordering some candle work for another situation this week. I can’t wait to get started!

  25. I just ordered some candles and oils and wanted to let you know that so far I am pleased with the service and communication. You have helped so much so far. I look forward to getting started with your hoodoo products. I have heard from friends that yours are really powerful. Thanks!

  26. Just want to leave some quick feedback for the site! The spells from Vescha’s store are very good. I have had readings several times and they are always accurate too. Thank you for your great skills and helpful insight.

  27. Wow, the oils are authentic, real herbs inside. They smell like real essential oils is in them. No perfume smell at all. Where have you been all my hoodoo life!!!!?

  28. So far I am pleased with the service and communication. It does take a few days to get a response but I know you are busy. My questions and concerns are always addressed professionally. I hope to have my desires manifest soon. I will return again after this service is complete.

  29. there was recently an issue with a back order of some candles and she gave me a partial refund and the candles were delivered a few weeks after. communication was wonderful and she was thorough in letting me know the delay time.

  30. My package was never delivered although tracking said it was and Mama Vescha sent out another to me, free of charge without trouble. I am thankful for such a great service and the magickal items did not disappoint!

  31. Momma Vescha is a great woman who has compassion for her customers. It was a pleasure meeting you and speaking about my circomstance. I look forward to having you help me.

  32. A+ work from Mama vescha. I am new to hoodoo, and I read her wholle site and blog. She emailed answers to me that made sense to me. I am pleased to found this website and look forward to getting a reading soon.

  33. Rootwork services are really beautiful and the communication is a plus. It takes a few days sometimes a week to get a reply, but that’s expected from what she says on her website. She’s detailed when you ask for details too. She’s blunt but very informative when I didn’t understand something. Very resourceful lady. I see results coming my way too.

  34. I had a great service and reading with Mama again. Her work is special, and I really enjoy the email correspondances from her. Thank you so much.

  35. I ordered a reading and it went just as expected, good feedback. I am having a lights service and so far I can feel positive energy coming in and negative energy being lifted. I highly recommend this worker.

  36. Mama is a great woman to go to when you need some good relationship advice. I try to follow her suggestions and I usually feel much better when I do. She’s logical but has heart in what she says to you. She’s like speaking to a caring mother or a best friend. I will always come to her for advice on roots.

  37. Mama V is the best! She is soooooo patient understanding and kind. I reached out to her seeking help with a love issue and she helped me get what I needed in no time.

  38. I have been happy with all the work that you do for me. I appreciate the time and care that goes into your work and your supplies that you send out after the services are completed. I can’t thank you enough for your help.

  39. I bought the floorwash for VanVan and Moeny draw. Both are sweet smelling yet subtle. I feel like th eair was lifted and success is coming in fo my business now.

  40. I had a read with Mma Vescha that was spot on. I am impressed with how well she provides her skill and services. I am ordering a spell casting with her soon.

  41. I ordered a service casting with Mama Vescha this month. So far I see good results. I am hoping to acheive the best possible outcome with this spell for love. Thank you for your patience with me, Mama.

  42. Really good tarot readings from Mama V. She is talented and easily explains what the cards mean. I am new to all of this so I am glad I got a reading from her.

  43. Mama is very sweet. She knows how to make you feel like part of the work she does for you. She answers my questions and curiousities. I will be back for some hoodoo supplies to work with at home. I read they are wonderful just like your services.

  44. Thank you so much for your help, mama vescha. I am happy to found your services recently. I feel good about working more with you in the future.

  45. Mama V is best at her work. I really enjoy the time and quality she gives to her customers. Thank you for doing what you have done for me so far.

  46. I have been to Mama’s shop a lot throught hte years. I am always happy with the results. Her card readings are accurate. Her response time is punctual. She cares a lot about the products she sends out too. They are always top quality.

  47. Mama Vescha is very good at her tarot skills. I never doubt what she tells me she sees in those cards. go to her, you won’t be disappointed.

  48. I have been pleased with the spell casting she has done for me so far. Great results. Looking to come back again really soon.

  49. Thank you for helping my situaiton get better. I have opportunities opening up just like the road opener work said it would do. Much love and blessings, Vescha.

  50. I ordered your kiss me now products and I am getting a lot of attention from my man. I know its your stuff doing it, he’s never been like this before. I am hoping for a little more love or even a commitment, how do I do that?

  51. Mama Vescha’s the best worker I have come in contact with. She’s smart and caring. Her readings are always accurate, and I like her money magic services the best.

  52. Your reading showed me what I was looking for. The next day, I knew exactly what it meant when I went to work and spoke with my manager. Wow. Thank you, I will return again soon.

  53. Mama Vescha has performed spells for love for me that I have worked amazingly well. I was able to reconcile with my ex. We are giong strong now for a few months.

  54. I love your products and services, Mama V. Your salt baths, oils, and sugar scubs are nice. They work fast for me each time. Your reading came true too. So, Thanks for your help.

  55. I got and order of lights and a tarot card reading. I think the reading is right, and the lights are going. I ordered them to get my bf back. So far he talks to me and its going good.

  56. These setting of lights are always a success. I use love and money settings. I have used some spell kits that I enjoyed and were easy to use. Still waiting for results on them, but feel they will come through soon.

  57. The first time I have tried rootwork or voodoo and it went well. It took a few weeks to see results, but I am patient. All good things come in time, as it is told. I had love work casted to win the heart of my close friend from college. I like to think it was Miss Vescha’s spells that have her looking at me in a new way. I am grateful either way.

  58. Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for the extra gifts in my package too. I ordered some love spells and I have hopes that they will bring my boyfriend home soon.

  59. Great hoodoo stuff. Always the best quality and work very well. I buy all of the money oils and baths. Tried the incense and they are a really good as well. They burn nice on charcoal disks. I wish they were self lighting but they are made with mostly resin. So great for actual spell work and rituals.

  60. A blessing to have access to these hoodoo items. Wow. I am amazed there is a shop like this in GA. All the feedback is right, the products are real, they work really well. I have used them for a few months now. I haven’t used her services yet, because I am a witch too, but I am sure she is really good at it too.

  61. Mama V is the best, she’s so sweet and her lights help me through so much grief. I really appreciate the effort and time she takes into hearing me and giving me advice.

  62. I can’t thank you enough for your kind and respectful and professional mannerism in my need of guidance lately. Everything you said was right. The candles helped cleanse me spritually and emotionally. They were very uplifting and I felt them strongly when you started. It’s eased my depression and anxiety lately. I have been very positive and uplifted and smiling daily for the past few weeks. thanks for this help, I needed it.

  63. I had a court case spell performed with a really good turn out. It was actually better than I expected. I am happy with the service and the communication from the caster, Mama Vescha. I will return to this lady when I need other spells performed for sure. She was very sweet and easy to communicate with about my situation. I felt at ease speaking with her.

  64. Mama Vescha is a great reader and psychic. She just knows things, and it’s scary and amazing at the same time! Nothing gets past her, lol. I wouldnt want to be one trying to sneak by her, she will see it, sense it, reveal it, and knock it out in left field. She warned me of things in my reading and I just didnt understand nor did I expect the details to be so accurate. I had no idea. Come to find out, the person she saw in the tarot reading, came true. I didnt even know that the person existed, and in walks this person one day and I knew instantly that is who she saw in the cards.

  65. I was very new to hoodoo before coming to Mama V. Her website and blog helped answer my questions before I even emailed her for help. When I did email her, she still had so much more to tell me in what I was needing. She answered my questions, she helped me choose the service spell casting that I would need for myself. I haven’t seen all results yet, but I am getting signs and so I am hopeful I will see full results soon. I ordered candles and oils too, those arrived the next week. I am using them now and they are very easy to work with her given instructions I found on her website.

  66. Here I am again, Mama!!!! Thanks for your great services and readings. You are always so nice, comforting, and right on the money about everthing. I hope to come to your community services one day, to meet the super woman behind this amazing shop, you Vodu Queen, you! Cheers and love to you, my lady.


  68. Thank you for my order and the special extra gift. I will put this into work really soon and report back to you. Looking forward to the success of my novena candles.

  69. I am such a loyal client of Mama’s because of the work she does for me and the results. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience, waiting for results, but they always come, in their own little ways. She always has really great advice, intuition, and such a caring tone. She’s honest even when she tells me not to do anymore but just to wait for manifestian of the work in progress. She tells me to pace myself, pace the work, too much too fast can backfire in most situations. I did this before with other root workers, and never got real results. Thank you again, Mama.

  70. My order was shipped fast. I have had all pleasant experiences with the magical things from this shop. The owner is friendly and returns email fairly quickly too.

  71. Mama V is working 2 honey jars for me. Both are successful for my circumstances. I saw results in about 5 weeks. So far I am happy with those results too.

  72. Mama is great tarot reader and spell castor. She really helped my situation improve for the better recently at my work place. I appreciate her hard work and caring words. Thank you mama for helping me.

  73. Mama does some pretty awesome love work. It is refreshing to have an honest and sweet spell caster. She always has time to listen to my whining, LOL. I will always come back to Mama for my hoodoo requests!

  74. I can say with confidence that her spells work wonders! Love it love it. Subtle little changes, but right on time. I was going through major problems with the man and she helped reconcile it all. I saw little things on a daily basis. It was amazing to watch. Thank you again Mama V.

  75. The candles and spell kits really work well. I have used 2 now for love and protection. Both had good effects. I will definitely be buying some more supplies soon. Thanks!

  76. I came to Mama months back to have help with work I was doing on by myself for my relationship with my parents. Mama suggested that I have a honey jar set and some candles to reinforce the honey jar. About 2 months in I saw changes occur with my relationship withe them and it was for the better. Communication really opened up between us, resolutions were coming up. Years long issues that I never expected to ever really change, they did. It’s not 100% but at least the channels are open and we are working on healing as a family finally.

  77. I really loved the tarot reading that I got from Mama Vescha. She pointed out a lot of things that I hadn’t seen before. I will be buying some things from the botanica soon so I can do some things at home while she sets lights for me.

  78. I got a parcel from Vescha that had oils and candles for love work. I used them yesterday and today I think I am seeing signs of the work. Very powerful, I hope it continues to work!

  79. Pleased to say that I love Mama’s stuff she provides and sells. I am always happy to open my mailbox and find a package waiting! The aroma coming from the package fills the mailbox and puts a smile on my face! Lol

  80. I came to Vescha for help a few months ago. She’s been very helpful and understanding. She’s funny, polite, sweet, and smart! I am happy that I found her when I did. I wasn’t getting results from other spell workers. They just took my money. Vescha has decent work, and she gives so much of her time and concern. She set me straight on my love life. I can tell you she doesn’t mess around she will tell you the truth, the hurtful honest truth. I have to respect that of her.

  81. I bought some candles that were already oiled and sprinkled and burned them last week. The burning went well it looks like because today I got a job offer I was hoping for. thank you for these nice strong candles. I will be ordering again this month.

  82. I have been a long time client of Mama’s. I am always happy with the results that I get with her spell casting. Loyal client for life here.

  83. I am very happy to leave positive feedback for Mama V and Conjure and the root. Everything I have experienced with this shop and her services have been wonderful. She’s a patient, knowledgeable, sweet, caring, lady and caster.

  84. My spell manifested finally a week ago. It was a long time coming but it definitely work. I know it was a stubborn situation with my man but it finally worked. I am happy to report this great news!

  85. I have been coming to Vescha for a very long time, years in fact. She never disappoints. She has helped me with so much in my life over the years. She is always honest with me. I feel I can come to her with any problem and she will guide me in the right direction. It always works. She is very intelligent, very real, very compassionate, and very strong woman in general. She has a lot of experience in the work she does and the guidance she gives. I appreciate her sincerity, her efforts, and most of all her advice on what might be seen as everyday struggles in the life of a gay man. She is so understanding and thoughtful in what guidance she gives. I will be a loyal client for a very long time, so long as she is here to take clients.

  86. I had a tarot reading lately that was scary real. She nailed it on the head. Things she couldn’t have known about me. I will take her advice and suggestions and come back again for another reading soon.

  87. I had a spell casting for my fiance as a birthday gift recently. He saw results and signs almost immediately. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not! I am very happy I chose Mama Vescha for the job though!

  88. Mama vescha is the best root worker i have come across. She is a real person, sweet, forward speaking, straight to the point. I love her ideas, her way of making sure I understand the spell work and how magic works in general. The blog is especially helpful. I would recommend her if you plan on a reading, spells, or her products which are very real, very strong to work with.

  89. WOW! Holy cow, the reading I had was so right. I didn’t think it was at first, but the next week, yes everything she said would happen, just did happen. I am now following her advice and going to order some things to use here. I can’t wait to make a change in my life and get this man OUT! Lol.

  90. I have yet to see results but I expect to. Everything Mama Vescha said in the reading makes perfect sense. Time will tell when my spellcasting will manifest. I hope it does very soon. She was very easy to work with, very nice very honest lady. What she advised made perfect logic. I look forward tousing some of the products as well soon. Overall, I have a great experience with this spell caster.

  91. I am very happy with my order from conjure and the root. The products have really helped in my love situation. I used oils and some baths. I am thinking of getting a reading for what is to come later in the year. So far I am pleased with communication and shipping too.

  92. Mama is a good woman. I love her and her services and products. Her hoodoo is real. Her advice is real. I respect her and her gifts. I am thankful to have her as a root worker in my life.

  93. I love the items I get from this store every single time. I have never been disappointed with the quality and effectiveness of what I receive. I want to try a service soon, so I will return with my request soon. Thank you!

  94. I have had many readings from Mama V and she’s always been great at it. I always take her suggestions and follow her guidance. It never fails me. It’s always a pleasure and comfort to hear from her about the work she does for me as well.

  95. Mama Vescha is great at the work she does. Her products I just can’t get enough of. They always work well for me, and are top quality hand made. The labels are adorable as well. Thank you Mama Vescha.

  96. Thank you for your help with my issues. Your candle work really made a break through for me. I feel very positive about the results happening.

  97. I am always a satisfied customer with this shop! I have bought a lot of services from her, and a lot of products. She is great to work with. Thank you for your help always!

  98. Looking through the feedback and I can surely say, YES, these hoodoo products are awesome and work their magic very well! LOL! Thank you Mama Vescha for your hard work for your customers!

  99. I haven’t seen results yet, but the work just started a few days ago. The reading I was given was very accurate, so I hope to see results from the spell being performed for me. Thank you for being so kind and so understanding. It has relieved so much of my anxiety the past few days to know someone understands and listens and gives full attention and great suggestions.

  100. These products from this store are truly wonderful. I am using the love me oil and come to me bath. I am getting results. Very happy customer.

  101. I ordered some oils and some loaded candles. I didn’t need any oils for the loaded candles! oops! But I am wearing the oils and going to fix my own candles soon. So far things are happening just like I need them to!

  102. Thank you for shipping out so fast to me. I really love the smells from the salt baths! I could smell them before I opened them!

  103. I love all the magical oils that I get from here. I have several now. Almost all of the love oils and road opening, cleansing, etc. These are some of my favorite supplies I am using for my own work and the work I am doing for some others. thanks!

  104. I had spell work done for getting my ex back. It’s starting to really take effect. I wasn’t hopeful at all, but this made a big difference. Thank you. You are definitely kind and very helpful. Thank you again.

  105. Mama has great talent for the work she does for others. She’s been work ing with me for a month and I have seen progress where I didn’t before. There are just some roots I can’t do on my own. This is where she comes in to help out. Thank You for your help!

  106. thank you mama vescha for such a great reading. everything you said makes perfect sense now. very helpful. i will need another reading soon on something else. i trust your readings and guidance 100%.

  107. Yes, this rootworker is awesome. Vescha has a gift. She’s right on with her readings and her advice is like talking with your closest friend. She is so real, a real person, compassionate, understanding, supportive. She honestly tells you straight forward life advice. She’s a spiritual guide for me personally. She really knows what the human emotions, trauma, and healing process is like. I wish I had found her years ago before making the mistakes I made in choosing the wrong partners. I am thankful now though that I have such a sweet guide to help me through dark times. Thank you, Mama.

  108. Thank you for your guidance in your tarot cards. It all shines the light on things I couldn’t see. I will be back for you to help with some spell work soon.

  109. I am happy to say that I have finally had a huge break through with using your money and love oils. I’ve been trying to work on my life in these areas for 7 months. As soon as I added your oils, BAM, the energy went up a few notches! Thanks!

  110. Very satisfied customer! Hoodoo candles, hoodoo oils, a nation sack, an amulet customed just for me, incense, and a pendant, all are awesome!

  111. Mama V has done money spells and uncrossing for me. Both were successful. I really love the follow up things she sends afterwards. They are super charged! Thank you!

  112. This store has beautiful hoodoo items. I use the love oils and baths, money incense, and floorwash. I’ve always had success with them. Thank you for providing these great items.

  113. Thank you so much for setting lights for my situation. I am see improvement now. I want to order another reading soon too. The last one was so accurate, it was scary! Haha. But thank you!

  114. What an amazing reading! She was dead on right. Things I hadn’t told anyone, she saw in the cards. I look forward to the next tarot reading, Vescha!

  115. Great candles made by Vescha. She’s very talented. The first candle worked within 4 days. I am now burning the other and it’s going perfect so far. Thank you, again.

  116. Thank you for the mojo bag for my court case. I’ll let you know how it goes. So far, it feels strong and I have faith it will help.

  117. Things are going better since Vescha’s help work spell work. She’s a great rootworker. Her readings are nice and advice is always a big plus!

  118. Just had a tarot reading and bought some teas and oils. The reading was correct, it gave me some serious things to rethink on my situation. Thanks.

  119. I had a tarot reading with Mama V this week and it was insightful. I ordered what she recommended and will follow her advice. She’s very honest, very sweet. I feel like she’s intune with how people feel and she really respects them. She was gentle in the reading but gave real insight. I couldn’t dismiss what she was revealing. So I am truly happy with her advice on what to purchase to help correct my circumstances.

  120. My first time using a spell caster and it’s been a great experience. I had a money spell done that really came through. I am happy with my choice. I’ll definitely be back.

  121. Nice loaded candles. They burn well. You have to watch them though or the herbs will catch fire. But overall, that is normal on preloaded candles. They are very well oiled and prepared.

  122. I received hoodoo baths, sugarscrubs, and spell kits for money work. They are very delicious smelling. I am happy with everything. I started seeing results right away, the first day I used the bath.

  123. Such a great rootwoman. She’s helped me in many ways for love and cleansing work. I will always come to vescha for my magic needs. Thanks!

  124. I love Mama Vescha hoodoo items. I recently tried a sugar scrub. Amazing. It leaves you soft and smelling nice. Just a tiny bit goes a long way. The oil in it is not cheap oil. You can choose which type of oil she mixes in. I have always bought her baths, hoodoo oils, powders, and light settings. I have never had a negative result from her stuff. Thank you bunches, Mama V.

  125. I am very happy with my recent order of spellkits. The instructions were very easy to follow. I believe things are starting to give signs of success too. I am new to magic, so the advice was helpful. Thank you, Vescha.

  126. I am a repeat customer here. I love everything I get from Mama Vescha’s store. I can’t wait to visit her shop in the future when she’s open up to the public again. She’s an amazing lady to be ob the presence of.

  127. My experience with the spell done has been a very positive one. Mama Vescha is very kind, caring, honest. Her work has been a big help for me. Thank you, Mama Vescha.

  128. Mama is a very special worker. I have never been led wrong with her advice, tarot readings, or the spells that she casts for me. I will be a client for add long as I need rootwork.

  129. I am very satisfied with everything ordered. I really appreciate the custom work and the occult supply section. I will be back to order again soon.

  130. Mama Vescha has powerful gifts. Her reading is very on point. I also really like all of the supplies I have tried from her. The results are amazing. Baths, oils, and the loaded candles. All are powerful and get the results I have focused on.

  131. Great oils! I have been using oils from a few workers, and these are high quality, intense results, and they are in a large bottle. She’s not skimpy on the herbs inside her oils either, which suits my preference. Thanks so much for my order.

  132. I’m a loyal customer here and I always appreciate the work Mama Vescha does for me. I see results within a few weeks to a few months. Never disappointed with the quality and care she puts forth.

  133. Thank you for your help and advice. It was very nice to have someone see my situation from a third perspective. I really needed this. The reading was so true and nailed it.

  134. thank you for the reading last week. I really understand everythng that was in it. I look forward to more of your wonderful insight and gift.

  135. Mama Vescha is one of the best rootworkers out there. I love the quality of work she does. Her readings are insightful, on point, and full of love. She is honest, yet gentle AND very direct. I need this type of reader to really get to the heart of the matter. Thank you so much, Mama.

  136. Long time client and I just love all the work Mama does. She is has a great heart. She is so real and honest. I have been coming to her for years.

  137. I love the oils from this little shop. These are quality hoodoo oils. Amazing big size bottle for the price. Herbs all in the bottle and the smells are delicious! Thank you so much!

  138. My reading on Skype with her was very informative. I thought I was out of options and she made a lot of sense and perked my hopes up again. Thank you!

  139. I ordered a spell kit from your site and it worked very quickly! I got the job I was waiting on for months. You really do a great job and offer some nice things. Thank you.

  140. Hello, Thank you for the reading. You have helped give me some answers I was unsure of. I will be back next month to order some products. I can’t wait to get started!

  141. Mama Vescha has been such a wonderful advisor and reader for me. Thank you for this year’s insight. I look forward to all the blessings coming in this year. Happy New Year!

  142. Mama Vescha has helped me in so many ways this year. Thank you for your generosity when I needed it. Happy holidays to you and your family. Be blessed!

  143. I have never used this magic before, so I am just learning, I hope to learn many techniques from your site and using some of your products. Thank you for offering such a great sale too!

  144. A very nice lady. She corresponded with me over email for a few weeks. She advised me on some supplies, since I am new to the conjure world. I received all my products within a week and a half. I love all the smells and bright colors of your items. Thanks again.

  145. Long time client. Never doubt this lady. If she’s busy, you know she’s good and everyone loves her. She’s blunt, funny, smart, and has great insight.

  146. I ordered a light setting with some success being shown already. Thank you, much appreciated, and wonderful communication and explanation of the service provided.

  147. I ordered some bath salts and sugar scrubs. Wow!!!! Love love love them. So gentle and fragrant and my boyfriend is all up in my buisness this week! LOL. thanks!

  148. I haven’t bought from conjure root in a long time, but what I have gotten before has been awesome. I just ordered some new oils I see that are new in her product lineup. Can’t wait.

  149. Hi! I ordered some basic root work things from Mama Vescha to learn a few magic things to do on my own. So far, her instructions are very easy to follow, and I read her site and blog over and over because it has some great basic information. I know she keeps all her juicy tricks to herself, but I get what I can from those websites! Maybe one day she will post some of her private tricks! Haha.

  150. Long time repeat customer here!!! 😀 I love Mama V’s work and her hand made products. I am starting to buy her beauty products and have heard some talk about an extension of that particular line. I can’t wait because I am addicted to her MOJO!!

  151. I use some of the oils from here plus some custom work and mojo bag. I have had results before with them, and as of lately have noticed some stagnation coming into my life, but might be from not working the mojo bag like I should. I just put in a new order, for more oil to use, so hopefully this gets me back on track. I order for money problems.

  152. Mama V is a great lady to work with. The products are nice. She’s helpful too. I know she’s busy but she does return emails within a few days. Never an issue.

  153. Many thanks to vescha for her help. She did spell work on my husband and it’s been a great help. I saw results fast and continue to see them.

  154. I had spell work completed by vescha and received my follow up work. Wow upon wow. I’ve got homework. Lol. She did send instructions but she worked alot of stuff. I should have had her bury the remains of the burnings had no idea it would be this overwhelming. I’ll survive, she did me right. Lol. Thank you lady!

  155. Mama Vescha is a great help. She always answers my questions and has been setting lights for awhile now. They really do help aid my work.

  156. I’ve never tried hoodoo before but so far vescha has been a big help. I got oils candles powders baths and some stuff from the curio section. I’m hoping to have all success in this adventure. Thank you.

  157. I’ve been a regular customer for years with Vescha. She never steers me wrong. Her baths are soothing, oils are the real deal, mojos are alive with power, and the spells are mysterious and strong. I’ve had more success with her help than I could do on my own. I always come to her when I need some help and guidance. I hope she becomes a teacher one day, I would be first to sign up, lol.

  158. I ordered some of the loaded chimes and wow. Powerful punches is all i can say. The salt baths are yummy, don’t eat them, but they smell wonderful. I also got a few curious, not sure what to do with alligator teeth and the chicken foot but i love them!

  159. Sweet lady. She’s hard to get in touch with sometimes but I know she’s busy sometimes too but when i do hear from her it is the best advice. I ordered some candles and oils. I got them fast. They are quality works too. Love them all and will return for more.

  160. Vescha at conjureroot.com is amazing and gifted. Her readings is awesome. She is sweet and caring. She replies honestly. And her services and her products are always the best. I’ve gotten many spells from her and oils, baths, and two mojo hands. I’ve had a custom jack ball from her that I requested special. It is so energized. My animals won’t go near my altars with her stuff on it, they seem to really just respect it instead of stealing my other things I had up there lol.

  161. Momma knows best! This lady can throw the roots damn well. She sent me a jar spell amd a mojo. Yes, very powerful she is. Thank you!

  162. Mama Vescha has helped my relationship get on track. I can’t thank her enough. Her roots did the trick. I received my baths and mojos last week and I am happy with my spellwork. Thanks.

  163. Mama has been working for me for a long long time. She doesn’t disappoint. I’m a little saddened that she’s not taking many darker works anymore though. Lol. I have people who need to go down. Lol

  164. Mama has been great to speak with, she is very sweet and caring and answers my questions. I received all my products on time and love her stuff.

  165. I had a bone reading with Mama. It was great, I never had one before. I just ordered some things from the store to use that she suggested after the reading. Thanks!

  166. Mama is a god send. She is performing spellwork for my relationship. She’s very nice lady to talk to about things happening in my life right now. She always tells me the truth and helps my anxiety relax. I have been stressed for months and she’s a real blessing to talk to. She did a really good reading for me too for another situation and it shed some light on some things I needed to know about.

  167. Vescha is very talented/gifted spell caster and tarot reader. She is casting for me and making my nation sack. I really trust her work as she is always honest with me and gives me direct real answers and advice. I want to come visit her when she opens her shop again one day. I have heard so many good things about this woman. Thank you Vescha.

  168. Mama Vescha is casting root work for me right now. I want to say that she is the nicest woman I have encountered in this community. I was skeptical for a long time and someone suggested getting a reading from her and trying out some products and services. I had a reading with her that was unbelievable. It completely blew me away, I knew she was a real intuitive and psychic woman. She picked up on things that I had not even told my family about. They don’t approve of many things such as my own beliefs. I chose Mama Vescha because I trust her guidance and believe in her ability to help me with decisions and to push the energy in the direction that I need for success. Thank you Mama Vescha, I will recommend you any time. God Bless.

  169. Mama V is a great tarot reader! She is so gifted. She is helping my situation improve drastically with my marriage. I appreciate all the help and guidance you have given. It’s been a fast turn around so far.

  170. Thank you for burning candles for me. They have worked really well. I see lots of new things happening because of your work. Bless you, My dear.

  171. I really like the reading that Mama did for me. She hit on some things that I wasn’t aware of. She is also working a mojo hand for me and some candle work. I look forward to more of her guidance in the future.

  172. I truly enjoy the readings Mama gives. She is always so right. Her light settings service is calming and helpful for me too. I will be back again soon.

  173. Thank you for the informative reading, Mama Vescha. I am taking your advice. I will also be ordering some spells from you this week.

  174. Mama Vescha is burning candles for me this week. I love the energy her spells bring for me. I get them burned for increasing my money during slow times at work. These work really well. I use the boosters and the light settings. I also have had her petition Saints for my protection. Thank You Mama Vescha.

  175. Mama is the BEST. She can work those cards like no other I know of. Lol. She is casting spells for me right now and boy is she a wonderful and patient woman! lol. I am hard to manage so I have been told by my ex’s, but Mama V is straight to the point and answers all my questions. Thank you so much for your kindness.

  176. Mama does good work for her clients. Her spells are powerful and her prayers are heard from the spirits. My situation was hard to crack and she helped me see things that I didn’t know were an issue. She really takes her time to work out details with me and it has been nice to have someone who does listen and understands my situation.

  177. I needed some help with a love spell and hired Mama to work her magic. So far I am seeing some pick up in results. I hope it continues to manifest how I would like it to. I am keeping positive about it!

  178. I have been coming to Mama V for awhile. She is casting for me now for my relationship. She is a wonderful lady to work with. I appreciate her advice and her readings which always let me know which direction I need to go with issues and how to solve them. Sometimes you just need some help. She’s the one to go to for advice and help. 🙂

  179. Mama is working some spells for me for money drawing and crown of success. I already see results that I like! I will definitely be getting some baths from her soon!

  180. I am having root work services done for my situation and so far it seems to be going well. I see some movement happening that I am pleased with. Thank you for your help.

  181. I have used this rootworker many times. Readings, light settings, floor washes, and lucky hands. Good stuff. Her readings are helpful and on point every time. Thanks.

  182. Conjure Root is a very nice store to shop at. She let me customize a few voodoo things recently and I ordered a ton of oils from her today. I have used them in the past and needed to restock on some and try out some of her new ones. I will shop here again and again. I love this store and it’s huge selection.

  183. Mama Vescha is a sweet lady who is caring and patient. She really treats her clients with such truth and gentleness. I am waiting for my case to develop but so far her advice has been very real and authentic. She’s mature, and you can tell she really does understand her clients. I am thankful to have found her when I did. I had been ripped off so many times by others. Not Mama, she offers guidance and help when you ask. Her reading was so insightful. It really put me at ease to speak with her online. We had a skype reading and she took more time for me past the half hour I paid for and didn’t ask to charge me for the extra time. She’s truly a saint at heart.

  184. I had a very accurate reading with V. She’s a very gifted reader. I look forward to working more with her and purchasing products soon.

  185. Mama Vescha is a helpful guide. She reads cards for me and recently she did a bone reading. It was very detailed and accurate. I also get her candle vigil service and she has made a nation sack for me that really did the trick I needed from it. Thank you for quality work, Mama.

  186. Mama is a great hoodoo woman. She really knows her stuff. I am a loyal customer and client. I use her oils and floorwash at home while she works candles for me. I always have success with her services and items.

  187. Conjure and the root has great hoodoo oils and powders. I purchase often from this site and the owner is always a pleasure to communicate with.

  188. mama is the best root worker. she’s very helpful. her work does manifest, it takes a while to come through. it took awhile to get follow up products sent out but she kept working my case. i know shes been very busy, it was worth the wait.

  189. It’s been awhile since I have been Mama’s shop. I used to be her customer at her old site a few years ago. Recently though I needed her help with some troubles with neighbors and an old ex. She helped me get rid of them from my life. I wish I had come to her months ago. Thanks for you help, Mama Vescha!

  190. It’s becoming a trend here, leaving all this beautiful feedback. I am honored to help aid this! Lol. It’s true, Vescha is WONDERFUL. She’s witty, smart, gifted, understanding, and honest. Her spell work is in the works for me right now, and it’s been a great improvement for my situation personally. I see changes right on the verge of coming through, I am so excited and feel safe knowing I am in good hands with her. Thank you Vescha again.

  191. I can’t say enough good things about Mama V. Her skills in spell casting, amazing. Her readings are top notch dead on right. She knew details that were so accurate just pulled out of I have no idea where, but her spirits. I have used her hoodoo oils and powders in the past. Those are very powerful too. They are real and definitely authentic hand blended just like she says. Thanks for helping me always, Mama.

  192. I am a long time customer and I have to say I have had services, readings, and rootwork supplies from Mama Vescha that have all been wonderful experiences. She is really sweet and patient. She’s got a real charm to her and very intelligent, laid back, and funny. She’s always understanding and supportive. I feel blessed to have her as my personal rootworker. 🙂

  193. Mama Vescha is a very talented rootworker. I love her candles, baths, and the sugar scrub. Her services have been helpful and really on point for my situations. I am now a customer for as long as she stays open!

  194. This lady knows her stuff! She is on the money, for real! Her readings are so detailed and accurate, SCARY! Some people said the same thing, it’s TRUE! Her spells are serious stuff too! She works custom work for me frequently for different things, my job, my marriage, protective work, I get the works with this lady. Thank you Mama Vescha, I love you girl!

  195. I have had some really great experiences with Mama Vescha’s services. She has been a very big help with my career changes. I really appreciate all of her honesty and advice on how to handle the changes with work. Thank you so much.

  196. This was my first time having any spell work done. I am shocked at how well it went. I wasn’t expecting to see such fast results and almost exactly the result I was looking for! This lady is truly blessed with a gift I don’t even understand but I am thankful for it!

  197. I love my oils and baths. My mojo bag I am not even sure how to use it yet, but I am kinda intimidated by its strong energy! haha. I love it, but it’s got a strong vibration to it. She charged it up for me and Wow, she’s amazing!

  198. Mama V has also been very helpful for me. Her candle burning skills are awesome. She supplies photos when you ask her too. I had some quick boosters done for my job hunting and I got an interview and offer same day. It was with the job I really wanted as well. Thanks!

  199. Thank you Vescha for lighting lights for my boyfriend. He’s doing really well right now. Thank you for understanding and listening and being so helpful.

  200. I can’t believe how awesome this chick is. She reads my cards all the time and always knows just the answers to give. Lol. She did an amazing bone reading recently for me. Holy cow. That is some accurate stuff right there. I do believe I like the bones reading more than the tarot readings now. Thanks Mama Vescha!

  201. I really like this website, there are so many goodies I need. I ordered some oils and powders and they got here faster than I expected. They are amazing, cute labels, delicious smell, herbs in the bottles and you feel the authenticity of the energies. : )

  202. Amazing work from Mama Vescha. I love the products I received. She’s a great lady, full of good knowledge and advice. Thank you again.

  203. Well, I do love her work. My relationship didn’t work out as planned, but she was awesome to me. I think I just gave up and had I continued working the products she sent it might have bloomed. I saw some movement but it just wasn’t enough for me and my depression just really go the best of me so I called it quites on everything. But Mama Vescha is so sweet and strong. Her readings were accurate too. I am having better success with my money products right now. I feel blessed to have made a friend in this all with Mama.

  204. Mama Vescha is funny, smart, intelligent, gifted, and all those things you need in a good conjure woman. She is 100% real. Her conjure style is similar to what I have seen years ago too. Nowadays you see alot of new agers trying to work the roots, and it just lacks the flavor of good ol dirty southern roots. I think a commenter earlier compared her to someone they knew in Mississippi, and thats what I have experienced too, good southern style mojo. She works her best at keeping things as authentic as possible, without all the new agey jargon. Mama Vescha is awesome.

  205. I love conjureroot.coms conjure works. She has great quality oils, powders, and baths. Her honey jar kits are easy to set up, and I ordered a break up kit and that is simple to follow too and yet strong. She isn’t afraid to tell you the truth about working dark magick too. Lol.

  206. I had work done from Vescha and recieved all my products afterwards. Wow, just wow. I am surprised at how many things I was sent and the quality of the oils like others post about. They really do smell awesome and the bottles are bigger than I expected! They will last a long while. Same thing with the salt bath she sent to me. I got a mojo bag, honey jar, sour jar, and a special charm that she created for my protection. I wish I could upload a picture of it. It’s unusual but very cool.

  207. I am here to say, yep, she rocks! lol. Her stuff is good quality, and her services are right on and powerful. I just had some work done and it is happening. I had love work started and instantly my man was home. I have no idea how she does what she does, but Damn. I won’t go to anyone else but Mama Vescha. I recommend her to anyone who is in need of spell casting done or even a reading. Get a reading from her and you will have the answers you are looking for.

  208. I used to go to a lady in Mississippi and when she stopped doing rootwork I needed to find another good hearted worker close by. I found Mama Vescha’s site and got a reading. It was a very accurate reading so I ordered a few services from her. Her work is good quality work. She is honest, funny, and smart. For her age she is really wise, understandable, and doesn’t judge. She really does give good advice. She encourages me to do some work for myself, but I am just no that confidant in myself to mess up my own work. I have her do it for me instead! Thanks Mama Vescha.

  209. Mama is a good spirited lady. She is very gifted. Her tarot readings have been correct each time I have her read them for me. I use her oils for candles like she guided me to do. I have a good results with my own rituals with her oils. Thanks Mama Vescha for your guidance.

  210. I am a fan of Mama Veschas work. She has a gift for reading tarot cards. Her hoodoo baths and candles are always nice. I haven’t tried the oils yet, I can’t burn candles but I want to try them as a perfume. I have been told I can wear them so that is next on my list to try.

  211. I am very happy with my order from Conjureroot. I have some salt baths, oils, and chime candles. All arrived in good condition, well packed, and just like others said, they smell wonderful. : )

  212. I had work done from Mama Vescha too and already seeing some results. I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, I guess I am lucky! But she is suppose to send me some things to work with too, so I hope things will really pick up when I get them. Thank you for helping me.

  213. Mama has been doing some spells for my love life and I feel she is going to make a difference in it. I have worked spells on my own with no such luck so I searched a long time for someone to help me. I am glad I came to Mama Vescha, she is so caring and patient, just like others say she is. I look forward to much success from her help. : )

  214. I am very happy with the work that Mama Vescha has done for me so far. The results have been amazing and very positive. My lady is much more happy with me and is forgiving me. Mama made a mojo bag and a honey jar for me to use. Both are very powerful, and easy to use. I appreciate all she has done for me and all the guidance that she has given to me. I am grateful. Thank you again, Mama.

  215. My package arrived in great shape, and very fast. I ordered love oils and cleansing oils. I can’t wait to get started. These oils smell good, and herbs are all packed in nicely, it has the right amount of them inside the oil, and the smells are just fantastic.

  216. I have success from Mama Vescha setting lights on her altar for me. I also get her to read my cards and she always gets it right. Thanks Vescha, you are doing very well, I am pleased with your services.

  217. Light settings, hoodoo powders, jar spells, I have had all these done and made from V. All were great, and they manifested very fast. Thank you V.

  218. Thank you for casting a spell on my behalf, Mama Vescha. I am using my stuff like you have instructed. I see signs of good movement too just like you said to look for. I am so happy this is working out how I have wanted it to. Thanks again. I am forever indebted to you.

  219. I have been a regular customer for some time now. It’s always a pleasure to get a good reading from Mama and then some root work done from her. She sends items to me and I can really feel the great energy from the work she has done with them. I feel blessed to have an ally like her on my side always. Thanks Mama!

  220. Amazing worker. I don’t know how she does it, but her readings are just sooo good. Thanks, I will be in the shop to purchase some things from you soon.

  221. Mama V is an amazing conjure woman. I have had her working a spell for my job lately and it’s already showing signs of progress. I am very pleased with her abilities.

  222. Conjure and the Root if you havent tried her out, you should! You will not be disappointed. Her readings are accurate, her hoodoo supplies are superb. I use follow me boy, love me, kiss me now, marriage, road opener, spiritual cleansing, come to me, boss fix, money stay with me, healing, and a few others to just name some. I have been ordering from her since Nov. I love all the oils, big 1 ounce bottle, and have herbs in the oils just like the images show. Her salt baths are gorgeous! Herbs in them and lightly scented with oils. They last a really long while too. I only use a few sprinkles of the salt baths at a time. I still have half a bag of each one I bought in Nov. Candles are next on my list and then some floor wash. I am sure they all will be just as lovely.

  223. Received all hoodoo charms and chime candles right on time. They are in good condition and just like the I expected them to be. I started using them last night. I want to order some other things this week, so I will be getting many more things from this web shop. Thank you.

  224. I really have had a great experience with Mama Vescha. She is very talented as a witch. I always call her Glenda the Good Witch. Lol. She is always so helpful and guides me to a more positive direction in my situations. I am hot headed naturally (a red head, haha), and she is so calm and patient. She tells me straight, and keeps me busy. I love the work she does for me. She has worked some saints for me, and honey jars both for love life and my place of work. Both are a success. I will be loyal for life to Mama V.

  225. I really like the baths from Mama Vescha. She’s puts in all her good vibes into the baths. Makes me feel so much safer and better when I use her baths. Thanks Mama Vescha. I will be ordering some more soon.

  226. Thank you for making me the oils and the candles. I really love these little herb candles. They burn very well. I watch them closely like you suggested too so they don’t create a huge fire with herbs on them. : )
    The oils I have been wearing and adding a few drops to my baths. Very helpful.

  227. conjure and the root has excellent hoodoo candles and spells. The blog site is helpful and the other pages here give some good advice and tips. I have had some lights set for me too, all came out very positive.

  228. My stuff got here quickly. I hve been using the floor wash and it’s helping clearing out all negative vibrations. It smells very clean in here as well. Thank you.

  229. Thank you Mama V for working roots for my situation. I am happy I found this site. I will be coming back again this summer for some other work for you to do.

  230. I can’t thank you enough. I will recommend your services to others. You have guided me in the right direction. Miss Vescha is gifted and insightful. She has worked several things for me, a honey jar, sour jar, mojo bag, and a custom bath. They are all manifesting for me slowly, but definitely can see the positive changes happening.

  231. Mama has been casting for me for awhile now. I had a spell done last year that I am now seeing manifest. She started on some new work for my job recently and already I see good results. I will always come to Mama for my spell work. : )

  232. Miss Vescha has been so helpful for my situation. I had her do some love spell casting and it’s been a success. I am thankful to have finally found someone who can help me. She does candles and honey jar for me. She also sent me a bath to use and some oil to put on some candles. I use it to wear as well, and I notice huge changes in my man. Thanks V!

  233. Yes, this woman is very gifted. She’s been doing some spell casting for me for a few weeks and already I see alot of progress. Much appreciated.

  234. So I have used conjure’s oils and ordered her amulets for protection to hang up. They arrived very fast. And they are very pretty. I look forward to getting some more oils and a few other items I need soon.

  235. This is an amazing shop. I have bought from her for a few months now and I am always amazed at the quality and effectiveness of these products. I will be back some more! lol.

  236. I am just impressed with the quality of the floor wash from this site. Mama Vescha is very nice and helpful in emails in getting the right products to you.

  237. First timer here! wow, I can’t believe how powerful these are. They vibrate just in your hand alone. You can feel the high energy beaming from them. I have 3 love oils and 2 money oils. I am coming back for more oils and to try some baths.

  238. I love my hoodoo oils from Conjure and the Root. They are beautiful and fragrant. Herbs are right inside the bottle. They are very large bottles. It’s a 1 oz bottle, more than the other hoodoo oils I have had in the past from other sites. I love these and will be back to order a lot more.

  239. Mama is a great lady. She’s helpful in choosing what to buy on her site. Once I got the things that I needed, I started seeing results the same month. I am so happy it came so quickly. It was needed, it helped change my luck around.

  240. Wow! You go Mama! Her reading was right on the money! Literally! My money situation is being worked on and doing much better since I hired Mama.

  241. Everything is just great. All the baths and floorwashes are awesome. I have used them the past few days and it’s cleaning out the energies quickly.

  242. Conjure and the Root has nice stuff. I love all the things I get from here. I have many of the oils, powders, and floor washes. All are great. I haven’t found one I didn’t like yet.

  243. Mama Vescha is awesome! I have wanted to work with her for a very long time, I had to save my money, I only wanted the best. So far, she has come through for me. My goodness, she is a blessing no doubt.

  244. Mama is good at what she does. What they say about her is so right. She is really authentic. She’s nice, smart, and a very good witch in deed! She’s got the mojo!

  245. Mama Vescha and her shop are a blessing for me. I didn’t know what to do for years I was confused about my life. Nothing seemed to go right. She gave me a reading, and a lot of advice and direction. I take it all to heart. She makes it sound so easy and calms my nerves. She tells me one step and one day at a time. She has given me hope for a better life now. I use her baths and oils every week. She burns candles for me, and she is working with a honey jar spell for me right now. Already I feel so much lighter, like heavy burdens are lifted. Thank you and I will recommend you to others any time.

  246. Thank you for your hard work and very real tarot readings! Lol. Everything came true in the reading. I am sooo shocked, but yep, it was all true. I will be ordering light sets from you soon.

  247. This is a great shop. The products are the real deal. They all arrived on time and I have been using them for awhile now. I ordered last year too, and these are the same quality, by hand, and very nice smell to them. They work really well too.

  248. I really have had the best work done from Vescha as well, like the others say about her. She’s so patient, so real. She’s not a fraud. She tell you straight out, she will do the work, and you get products in the mail sent to you. She’s easy to communicate with. She really understands you and she’s genuine. She is smart and she is down right funny. She is blunt just like she warns too. I adore Vescha. She will always be my personal rootworker, hahaha!

  249. Mama does it right. she’s is the real deal. She always helps me figure out my business and works good spells for me. I am hers for life!

  250. I haven’t ever tried rootwork before. I was nervous and had a bad xpereince with it before. Mama made sense to me, very comfortale and nice lady. I have read her blog and site and learning much from her. I orderd some rootwork stuff and it’s very easy to follow, iam so happey i found this site. Thank you for your help.

  251. Conjure and The Root has some of the best oils out there. They are just beautiful, very powerful. I have ordered for the 4 th time this year. And I still have a long wishlist!

  252. Really sweet smelling oils and baths. These are true authentic rootwork supplies. She knows her stuff. Order from her and you will not be disappointed.

  253. Mama is a real gem. She’s down to earth, straight forward, and very knowledgeable in the craft. I have had her help me personally in roots, and I have sent her some customers to order some of her products. Her readings are really good, very accurate.

  254. My items arrived a little later than I expected, but it was worth the wait. I think she was behind on shipping, but when my stuff arrived, I could smell the items from inside the box, and boy was it smelling sooooo nice! They are really superb quality too. I have several oils I am using and wearing. They are making a big difference already.

  255. I really have had some good advice from Mama Vescha and her readings are very real and come true. I appreciate her honesty and patient. She’s been really nice and always answer my questions. Thank you kind lady.

  256. Mama Vescha has out done herself! She goes above the limits to make sure her clients are happy and satisfied. She works miracles. I had lost all hope and she encouraged me to stick with the work and being positive. I see little signs happening, and this is more than I expected when she started on my case last year. I truly believe in her and believe in the work. If you are waiting for results, hold on tight, it will happen. I waited for 8 months, it was hard, so hard, but I see things coming together now. I am a very happy woman! Thanks Mama.

  257. I agree with most of the people on here, Mama is so intuitive and a great help. I have been coming to her for years now. She always delivers the best and most honest advice and help. She reads for me yearly so I know just what I need to work with throughout the year on my goals. thank Mama!

  258. Thank you for the new reading. I can’t believe how spot on you were AGAIN. The skype reading is well worth it. I love Mama Vescha! She’s intuitive, smart, and sooo funny! Thanks Girl!

  259. I love your products. They arrived quickly, packaged safely. I was able to to use the powders yesterday and I love how light they are. They smell so wonderful too. I haven’t used the bath or floorwash but they smell wonderful as well. Everything is great so far!

  260. I am new to rootwork, but Mama is very helpful as the others say about her. She’s very patient with all my questions as I am trying to learn to do my own rootwork. I love her website and her blog. A lot of help! Thanks Mama.

  261. Mama totally is awesome and helpful. I love this lady’s work. Her readings are so accurate. Blows me away and scary truthful. She has good insight in my situations all the time.

  262. Hi, I am not sure if I ordered the right things or not, but I do like these oils, so I am going to put them to good use. And then get a tarot reading and see if you can help me to choose better. 🙂 Thanks Mama.

  263. Hi, Mama! Thanks for the hoodoo oils and powders. I haven’t figured out what to do with them yet, but they smell wonderful and look very potent! HAHA! But I will let you know how it goes! They are so pretty I just want to save them and collect all of your oils! 🙂

  264. Had a great reading session with Mama. She’s the best! She really knows her stuff. I am just starting to work with rootwork products, and she helped me out greatly in seeing what I need to start with, what products to use and some advice on each how to use them correctly. Thanks!

  265. I have had three readings now from Miss Vescha and all of them are always right. Even when I don’t want them to be. :/ I love them though, because then she offers suggestions on what products to buy to help if needed. And she’s right on with those too. I have had some great direction in my cases because of this woman. She doesn’t disappoint! 🙂

  266. Thank you Mama for helping me with attaining my desire to reunite with my lover. You have been supportive and caring when I was so down on my luck in love. I will forever be indebted to you.

  267. I always love what Mama V does for me. She can always straighten me out with her advice and readings. I have her oils too, and they are awesome. I use them on candles like she tells me and I feel the power in them instantly. They can go on my skin too and I have never had such awesome results from others I have tried in the past from other witches. These are authentic and pure. 😀

  268. I love mama v she has helped me in so many ways with my love/relationship issues iam so greatful for her she is always patient and kind and always there to answer my questions and give advice and guidance iam a happy customer and will always come to her..she knows just what to do.Your the best mama v

  269. I ordered your light setting a few weeks ago, and got news from my lover today that he wants to move in with him. I am so grateful for your service. I will be back soon!

  270. OOOOOO…. Mama is the best. I get services done from her throughout the year for different things, my job, my love life, my health. Always great results. She is patient and funny. I would love to meet her sometime, if travel allows for it. She’s a real woman, real concern, compassion, and just good natured. She cracks me up so much. I love her personality! lol.

  271. I just wanted to stop in and say hello, Mama. Thank you for helping my situation. It’s come much further than I expected. You have a loyal client forever. Love you, Mama!

  272. Way better products than I can find anywhere else. Authentic and real, just like I used to get from an old lady about 20 years ago. I had no idea there were still real hoodoos out there, and internet is sketchy, this lady is not. And she’s very nice in her correspondences. Thank you kind Mama V.

  273. I picked out Mama’s light settings and her prepared mojo bag. This is a potent little mojo bag for sure. I do a lot of gambling and working different travel jobs, meet with potential clients and it never fails, i carry this bag with me to any place I am taking a gamble and risk and BAM I land the money. Love it!

  274. Newbie here as well! I love the spiritual oils, wow, more than I expected. The size of them are HUGE! Completely worth it. They are hand blended, have herb pieces right in them. These are not like the oils you get from companies like Indio and Ana Riva. These are the real deal! And they are good priced. I have a friend who uses these oils and he told me to get them that i would not be disappointed, boy was he right. I can’t wait to get started!

  275. I am new too to this site, and the owner is just so sweet. Other workers I have dealt with just send an automated cookie cutter like response to my emails. Not this lady. You can tell there is someone real and genuine on the other side of the email responses. She’s got real patience too!

  276. I just ordered a new spell kit from conjure and the root because I hear such good things about her. She responded to me in a few days which is surprising this time of year with the holidays. But she did give me some great advice and helped me choose a good kit to work for my love situation. She’s a very nice lady to deal with. I see why people really like her. She’s honest, and caring, and not cold trying to make a sale like other workers I have dealt with. She really wanted to hear my story to help me make the right choice and gave me some options to decide on. Thank you.

  277. Mama Vescha’s vigil light setting has helped my work situation tremendously. I have ordered another month run to just help seal the deal at work. Thanks for setting these for me.

  278. I just love these hoodoo baths. They smell wonderful and light. I always feel great after a good ritual bath using her special baths. Thank you again.

  279. I have been a regular customer of Mama Vescha’s for a long while, back when she was on Ebay. I use her oils, sometimes her whole spell kits, the powders, and her salt baths. I love them all. They really help achieve great results in my personal workings.

  280. I love Mama’s conjure work. She’s an authentic magickal lady. She’s helpful, insightful, and honest. Too honest sometimes. Thanks for all your help.

  281. Yep, these hoodoo products are the best. Herbs and curios right in the bottles. They smell real delicious too. I get good results with her money and love stuff. I haven’t used any protection and cleansing but it’s on my list to do. : )

  282. Ordered oils plenty of times from this shop and I love them all. I have about 8 of them now that I use regularly. I get really great results from the oils. I want to try some other products, like the baths soon. So I will be back soon.

  283. This lady is amazing. I was referred to her 6 months ago but Mama wasn’t taking many cases back then. So, last month I was able to consult with her and get a reading. She was dead on with many things we discussed. I hired her to work on my behalf, and within two weeks, things got better. I keep seeing more improvements, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to have her work her skills for me. I will be back and be a lifelong customer.

  284. This is one badass little witch. I kid you not. She is so intuitive yet logical. Always tells me her honest opinion. She has set me straight a few times, in a nice but stern way. I have major anxiety sometimes, and she is very compassionate, and helps ground me. I am glad I found this lady. She’s so super sweet.

  285. I have been a repeat customer for years, like 3 years now with Vescha. Her advice is always awesome. She spends a lot of time and energy on her clients behalf, I know this and have seen it in action with her. She is a busy bee with her work and managing a big family, schooling her children, she’s wonder woman in the flesh! She truly is a loving woman. I just adore her!

  286. I received some great service with Mama, I can’t thank her enough for breaking through my case. It was tough. It took a while to get results but when it happened it happend nicely. I can feel the energy of her work when she’s doing prayers on my behalf and sending me loving vibes. I had a strong negative influence on me that she helped clean off. I know people who have come to her for her hands on healing work and so I knew in the first communication with her I could trust her. Thank you, Mama.

  287. I really love Mama Vescha’s oils and salts the best out of all the other brands I have tried. She really takes her time and puts great energy and focus in her hoodoo items. I get good results most of the time from her stuff. Other situations that do not seem to work out I believe are not meant to be. Her products vibrate with good authentic mojo energy. 😉

  288. Miss Vescha has been a blessing to my situation. She sets lights for me on her altar and recently her mini boost charms have done a wonderful job in moving my situation in a quicker direction to positive outcome.

  289. Very nice stuff! I have used her products forever. I might be one of the first of her customers from 6 years ago, and Vescha’s hoodoo line keeps getting better every year. I am impressed. A++++++

  290. I love Mama Vescha’s light settings and tarot readings. I had a live session with her a few weeks ago when she started offering them. She is very sweet and was helpful. The light setting helped a little the first week, but I went ahead and ordered a full month’s worth, and again a little movement, so after the light sets are finished, I am looking into getting some additional work to hoepfully speed up the progress.

  291. These baths and Oils are sooo wonderful. Very real, very authentic. I have had a lot of great experiences and fun with these. I plan to have a reading and light sets done. I only hear great things about her and her stuff.

  292. I too have only heard great things about this company. It’s definitely a very homey and comfortable shop. It’s authentic, it’s not commerical like nor does she treat you like a stranger! She is so nice and professional but makes you feel like you are human and not inferior. She’s encouraging, she talks to me with honesty and just like any other good friend would. I was surprised, because I have talked with a lot of other root workers and witches and she is one of a kind. She wasn’t trying to pressure me to just buy her stuff and go to her website to answer my questions. She offered free consultation and said she could recommend things to me if I needed them. I am coming back here to get a lot of products soon and take her advice on several areas of my life. I am glad I found this shop before investing into items elsewhere.

  293. I know Mama has been busy lately these past few months and I did have to wait a long while before she got to me, but it was well worth the wait. Mama always helps when she can. She’s authentic, honest, and such a funny lady. My situation wasn’t urgent so I had time to wait for her. She did get back with me a few weeks later, but she was very helpful when she did my reading and sent me some oils to work on some candles. She is now doing candle work for me and it’s been very helpful. Thank you, Mama!

  294. Her light settings and tarot readings always are right. I hvae come to her for several years because she tells me exactly the truth and her candles are always effective for my situations. I would recmmend Mama.

  295. Conjure and the roots products have helped my situation several times. I have ordered from her for years and recently I lost my boyfriend of 9 years and came to her for a reading. She let me know what I knew of his character and gave me a choice on to move on or work hard at getting him back. I thought long and hard like she suggested. The heart wants what it wants, and I decided to go for it and work on the situation. As a result, he and I are dating again but taking it very slow right now so we both can heal and learn to trust each other again. I know that Vescha’s aid helped greatly in getting this man to talk to me and give me another chance. I am so thankful for her. She’s kind and patient but very honest. When she says she doesn’t sugar coat, she means it. She was brutally honest and I needed it so I could see where my own mistakes were in my relationship. Thanks, Vescha, for your help.

  296. Yes, her tarot readings are very good. People are right when they say get a reading from her. I was so surprised when she could pick up on my boyfriends character and attitudes. The cards showed her things that I haven’t even told my best friend! I am getting some root work done by Mama soon.

  297. I ordered Conjure and The Roots spell kit for Come To Me and Crown of Success two months ago. Both of them were easy to perform and both showed good results. I am looking into getting a Nation Sack, I have heard good things about her bags so I want to try one out. I hope it works just as well.

  298. Mama has been very helpful with setting lights for me. I appreciate her hard work and devotion. I haven’t seen results yet, but I am very hopeful and I think things in my life are still looking up because of how much she has helped guide me in the right direction. Thank you!

  299. I use Mama every year for my yearly birthday readings for the upcoming year. She is the best, she lets me know what to look forward to, and what I need to put to rest. I follow her advice, and I also use Mama’s oils and baths, both have really been wonderful.

  300. I had to wait for a while for Mama to send my things out to me but it was worth the wait, I was happy to get the products I ordered and will be back for more. I know she’s been busy, but she’s very helpful and a blessing.

  301. I received the order today. I am thankful for your root work and items. I am pleased with the things even though I don’t know what I am doing with them yet.

  302. Mama has set lights for me in the past and recently, both that are incredibly strong and always help me out. I would recommend her if you need candles set for you. She’s a great help.

  303. I have had good encounters with Mama Vescha and her work. She sets lights and does tarot readings on my behalf. She’s a very positive spiritual lady, and she’s truthful. If she advises me to not go through with a decision she feels is not best for me, she lets me know right away. She’s not lead me the wrong way, she’s very patient and her advice is very logical and she prefers to approach things with light and not with the dark forces, at least in my experience. And there’s been times where I have asked her to please work some dark forces on my behalf. She wont hear of it! lol. I probably do not need the bad karma anyway. 🙂 Thanks Mama Vescha.

  304. Mama Vescha has been a wonderful guide for me for a long while. She’s helped me through some tough lessons and always makes sure I keep going and not give up on my goals. Her products that I use the most (I use several of them) are spiritual cleansing, crown of success, road opening, money draw, protection, and master oils. I have a mojo bag she prepared for me a few years ago that I still keep and feed. So I know her stuff is authentic, and she puts a lot of care and time into her work. I keep coming back for her oils, and soon I want to try her baths, but her oils are powerful enough that I am not sure baths are even needed. Thanks Mama Vescha.

  305. Hi, I received my spiritual supplies last week and already feeling some great results and calming and soothing effects. I would like to purchase some additional items from you soon and have referred your services to my sister. I am so happy I found an authentic witch near me. : ) Thanks for your heart felt emails and advice too. Blessed be!

  306. Mama Vescha has really great oils and powders. In fact, I have used her baths in the past. They all have been helpful with what I have been working to accomplish in love matters. I even have a mojo bag she made for me a year ago and it’s fed regularly and brings in a lot of blessings that I need. I have been a loyal customer for 3 years ongoing. I appreciate this lady’s hard work and devotion to her path and customers. Bless you, Mama.

  307. Thank you again for the kits. I love your store, I am a regular shopper at your site. You have put together some great things for me in the past so I am anxious to use these beautiful kits on my man this weekend. 😉 I can feel the energy from the oils already! I have some of your baths and powders for love spells and a follow me boy oil that is just wonderful!!!! Positive results from all!

  308. I received all my products this week, and I thank you very much. I know you have been busy and behind but the products are worth the wait. : ) I will be ordering again very soon.

  309. Vescha has really powerful skills and puts a lot of work and beauty into her products. I use her baths and oils religiously. I’m thankful to have this lady to back my work up too. She sets lights for me and I always come out on top. She’s helped in my love life and with protection. She’s gets a gold star from me! Lol.

  310. I definitely can recommend Mama Vescha’s products. I love the way these are made and how they smell and are put together. Her salt bath crystals are my favorite. I do use the floor washes and oils as well. The oils are authentic, so are all the other products. I have not used her powders yet, but I have heard good things about them as well. Especially her hot foot powder! My friend uses her powders, and we compare notes with her items. Always pleased with what we get from her. Highly recommended!

  311. Mama Vescha has provided excellent service for my situation. I really love her products as well. I trust her with helping me and I recommend her work. She gives honest answers and you will find a good friend in her.

  312. So thankful to Mama V for all she has done and continues to do on my behalf. I try many things on my own but her advice and spell services really has things moving in the right direction at a faster pace. Thank you, gracias, merci…I can’t say thank you in any language enough for you blessing my family and I with your talent. 🙂

  313. Products arrived and are amazing. I feel so much better with these compared to others I have tried in the past. I am confident that these are going to help me greatly.

  314. Wow, Mama Vescha’s products and services are just great! I have had the best time with her products over the years, always great stuff from her. Recently I had her help me with my boyfriend I have been trying to work on for months, and well, what you know, I send Mama after him, and within days, he’s falling at my feet! He’s loving, romantic, asked me to move in his apartment, I am just beside myself! Her magick has worked fast for me. I do alright on my own, but this lady, she knows her stuff. Contact her if you want honest blunt truth, because she will tell you straight forward honest truth, just like she warns on her website, LMAO!

  315. I received excellent service from Vescha and her products are so amazing, well worth every penny spent! She answers all my questions. I won’t use anyone else but her for my spiritual needs. Thanks so much, Vescha. Be blessed!

  316. Hi, V! Thank you for helping with my spell work. I am happy I found you and have a great ally on my side! LOL. Your work has really helped amplify what I was working on my own. Things have really just taken off, I am ecstatic with seeing the results moving along now. I will be ordering some oils and a mojo bag soon. I have heard only the best about your mojo bags. Thanks again, girl!

  317. Mama Vescha has been very helpful to me. I ordered her spell service and she has been working on my case for a few weeks now. I have already seen movement, and that is fast compared to the other casters I have used before. She’s very sweet and honest. She always answers all of my questions, even when I am being a pain. lol. Thank you for offering this great opportunity. I hope we meet one day. Thanks.

  318. Thank you for the order. Everything arrived as expected. I appreciate the communication and help. 🙂 i will be ordering again soon. And get a reading as well.

  319. Everything arrived in good packaging. I appreciate all you have done for me. The reading was right. I can’t wait to get started with the products! Thanks again.

  320. Mama V has been a great help. She’s always comforting and honest. Her insight is on target. It’s taken a lot of effort and team work to get the results I came to find and I just can’t express deeply enough how much I feel blessed to have found her. I didn’t think things would ever work out and just when I thought I would just throw the towel in, there it was my hopes and dreams coming true. My ex and I are seeing each other after being apart for 11 months. I wish I had found her sooner I wouldn’t have wasted so many months and money on unfruitful love spells. She did some spell casting for me in June and my ex started texting me a month after. We started texting more and more for a few months and it became apparent the spell was starting to work. Then the end of August my ex wanted to see me and it was like love at first sight all over again. We’ve been seeing each other a lot ever since. A lot of healing is still needed but we talk better to each other than we ever had. My ex smiles more and is definitely more affectionate. That is a bonus I didn’t ask for! But I love it. Thanks again and I’ll be back for some bath products soon.

  321. I have been very pleased with the products of this store. I have been ordering from here for years, since this site was named Sacred Vescha Conjure. The products are still the same excellent quality, same rootworker, same great service and advice. And I order a huge restock of her oils and baths for me and my friends and family that I do spells for. Blessed to have found such an honest and true rootworker.

  322. Thank you so much for the light setting and mojo bag. Both have helped me in more ways than you could imagine. Unexpected turn of events all for the better and I know it’s from your skills as a wonderful spell caster.

  323. Mama V has been the most patient, intuitive and kind person to me thus far. She has never lost any patience with me and is so forthright and spot on with her readings.
    I have tried all kinds of magickal work before but I dare say, she puts me most at ease. No she is helping me with a situation of the heart and telling me she has full belief in it working. As she says so, my heart will believe so.

    V, you are the person i will always run to when I need any form of help. Thank you so very much and i look forward to the results!

  324. I love these hoodoo products, they are excellent quality oils and baths. They are the real deal. The effects and calming meditation and prayers that I do with these are enhanced 10fold by her magickal products. I am grateful for this wonderful botanica.

  325. I would like to say Mama Vescha has delivered real tangible results for me and it has been made all the more worthwhile to enjoy these results due to Mama Vescha’s ongoing, continuing support and dedication. She has given me a lot of love and has helped me on this journey immensely.
    Thank you so much Mama Vescha for putting things back on track for me especially when I needed it, and for putting me on the right path, where others failed me and did not care.

  326. I ordered a reading and a light setting from Vescha and have had great results. She’s kind and gifted. She was honest with me and advised that I should set a light for some clarity on my situation and the decisions that I need to make. I am very pleased so far. Thank you for help.

  327. I have had Mama Vescha working for me for 2 months and she’s a blessing. Her readings are amazing, and her services are so helpful. She sets lights for me weekly, and she is working a honey jar for my beau and I . All good results so far.

  328. I am glad I found this shop and Vescha. A few months ago, I was very unhappy with how my situation was going down the toilet. lol. Vescha really has been wonderful and patient with my situation. I order her lights sets and honey jar and have had some improvements that I am seeing just a month later after ordering. I haven’t received such great movements from any other shops or witches. She is the best, and so honest. She tells me what I am afraid to hear sometimes, but she is very kind, blunt, but kind. That’s what keeps me going to her.

  329. Mama Vescha has helped me out in situations from helping me get rid of a bad influence to helping me get a job I had been waiting to hear back from for months to get an interview for. She let lights on my behalf for both occasions and made a mojo bag for me to carry with high john root and crown of success. I think it helped push the bad influence away too. I would recommend her, she’s very knowledgeable and very sincere.