Group Spells

Welcome to Community Conjure Spells! Here you can order monthly community spells. What is a community conjure spell? A community spell is a mini spell worked for a common purpose and casted on a specific day. These are events that happen throughout the year such as New Moon, Special Holidays, Feasts for Saints, Planetary events, and more. These are great “magickal boosters” to your own ongoing spellwork to give your work a little extra attention. The best part is a mini spell gives you a chance to save some money when the funds are low and you need to jump start a bigger spell held off for later! If you are a regular customer, check out the new Membership Mojo tiers offered!

Sept. Group Spells:

Sept. 25th:
Sweet Sexy Sensual Situations Candle Spell
New Moon
Venus trine Pluto
Intention: Tap into and magnify your inner source of sensuality and sexuality. Boost your confidence. Feel sexy and confident. Boost your magnetism and sex drive. Inner empowerment, creativity, vitality, sex drive, magnetism, attraction booster, confidence booster, assertiveness, playfulness. Turn on the charm and sensuality to draw your partner closer or draw in a potential new love interest and feel confident in flirting.
Includes fixed figure candles with herbs and oils.

Sept. 27th:
Abundance/Fortune/Wealth Group Spell
Intention: Use to attract abundance, prosperity, and fortune. Build wealth, creativity, and inner knowledge. Discover hidden treasures. Heal the body, mind, heart, and soul. Unlock secret mysteries. Connect to your inner source of seduction. Rebirth a new version of the self.
Includes fixed figure candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.

Sept. 29th:
Protection/Uncrossing Candle Service
Saint Michael Feast
Intention: Use for an overall protection and removing negativity, negative energies, or remove negative people, influences, and enemies on your path.
Includes fixed candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.