Group Spells

Welcome to Community Conjure Spells! Here you can order monthly community spells. What is a community conjure spell? A community spell is a mini spell worked for a common purpose and casted on a specific day. These are events that happen throughout the year such as New Moon, Special Holidays, Feasts for Saints, Planetary events, and more. These are great “magickal boosters” to your own ongoing spellwork to give your work a little extra attention. The best part is a mini spell gives you a chance to save some money when the funds are low and you need to jump start a bigger spell held off for later! If you are a regular customer, check out the new Membership Mojo tiers offered! AND checkout new workshops to learn Hoodoo and magickal spellcasting and other topics offered!

May Community Conjure Services:

You can still join us for the blockbuster vigils for Mercury Rx! Mercury Rx ends June 2nd and we will still be in the shadows of the Retrograde for a few weeks following.

If you are one that seems to fall under the delays that Merc RX brings, get your name on this service for some road clearing!

For 5 more weeks, a 7 day vigil will be burning for keeping your roads open with blockbuster, road opener, cleansing, and success hoodoo oils and herbs. Mercury rules travel, communication, technology, and legal matters. What can you expect? Technical difficulties, delays, revelations of what isn’t working properly, frustration, miscommunication, feeling uncentered, unproductive events, errors, reevaluating ideas or plans, revisioning of ideas, revisiting from ex lovers or old business partners, revealing of past events, issues, or people that haunt us, inner reflections, a slow down in endeavors and progress, or facing unresolved issues. Areas affected can be your finances, careers, money transactions, relationships, love, family, and mental health. This is a time when “gremlins and glitches” are challenging your patience!

Mercury Retrograde is a time to reflect, revise, and rethink ideas, goals, and plans. Either external or internal, this period is about revealing and reflection and NOT about starting new adventures, deals, partnerships, contracts, new beginnings of anything JUST YET. Wait until Mercury goes Direct before putting action into motion on your revisions. Reflect on ideas and the things that have been put on the back burner, advise a plan of attack for later. Reflect on inner work and shadow work during this time.

May 23rd

Abundance, Luck, Love, and Fortune Candle Spell
Sun sextile Jupiter
Intention: Use the energy of the Sun and Jupiter to expand love, health, wealth, luck, business, money, and fortune. Use to open up better communication with a partner, draw them closer to you, start planning a beautiful future together, lay the foundation for building a home and family OR focus the energy on creating a new business, increase your wealth, money, or luck. Jupiter is a planet of expansion and luck. Positive thinking will bring positive outcomes. Use the law of attraction during this transit without obstacles and resistance. If you’re a starting a new project, Jupiter will be working in your favor to expand your knowledge and resources. Use this time to expand your horizons and grab up new resources and soak up new knowledge to aid you in your long term goals.
Includes fixed candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.

May 29th

Glamour Bewitching Magnetic Spell
Mars conjunct Jupiter
Intention: Glamour and Bewitch your target! Become alluring and irresistible and have all eyes on you! Capture the attention and admiration of a love interest, that head hunter, eliminate the competition at work or in business sales. This candle spell draws the attention to you, gain the favors of others by amplifying your Magnetism and Attraction. Speak with eloquence that seals the deal in your favor.
Includes fixed candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.