Group Spells

*About Community Conjure Group Spells: Community Conjure Services are set on one of my altars in my shop. It adds a little extra boost to your situation or spellwork. For Valentine’s this year, sign up to be included in a special love casting ritual. This year, I will be calling on the female divine and Goddesses that rule over abundance, prosperity, devotion, love, beauty, sexuality, lust, and marriages, to help aid this love work. My personal Goddess altar will become a part of this love working. Offerings and prayers will be given to a few special Goddesses for lending energy to this love working. Aphrodite, Hera, Ezili Freda, Lasirene, Manbo Marie Laveau, and Shakti.

So, if you want to get in on the action and need some energy boost to your self love, your goals, abundance, career, love life, or to connect to your divine sexual energy, this is the conjure service for you!


Crown of Success Full Moon
Intention: Crown of Success spellwork can be used for career, school, love, or any area where you want to have more successful outcomes.
Includes fixed candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.

Road Opener New Moon
Intention: The New Moon is a time to begin a new path and to draw new energies into your life. Use this service to bring in new opportunities and blessing in money, love, business, home, etc.
Includes fixed candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.

Sexy Passionate Intimate Moments
Intention: Your passion and sensuality is at a peak right now! The desire for intimacy is like a volcano ready to erupt, so now is the time to Glamour and Bewitch your target! Become sexually alluring and irresistible and have all eyes on you! Raw passion and sexuality is the highlight of Venus conjunct Mars transit. Capture the attention and admiration of a love interest, attract a new mate, plan a family, increase sexual intimacy in your relationship, invite new opportunities for passion, intimacy, sensuality, and romantic encounters. This candle spell draws the attention to you, gain the favors of others by amplifying your Magnetism and Attraction.

Glamour, Magnetism, Sexuality Empowerment Candle Service
Feast of Mary Magdalene.
Intention: Glamour and boost of sexuality freedom and empowerment. Capture the attention of your love interest. Boost your self confidence and embrace your Sexual power and inner Goddess. Let inhibitions fall away as you get in intimate contact with the divine feminine. Break free of self judgements while embracing your inner strength and feminine divine. Includes fixed candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.

St. James the Greater and Saint Christopher Feast.
Protection Spell Candle
Intention: Candle work for protection. Use for safe travel, protection from Evil Eye, enemies, or throw up a general protection for you and your family. Includes fixed candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.

Saint Martha Feast.
Commanding/Dominance Spell
Intentions: Having issues with someone or a situation that is out of control? A boss or enemy? This spell work helps you gain control over a situation that needs to fall in your favor or desired outcome. Use when you’re getting some push back resistance in magickal work. Spells like this can be worked in love magick, career, attaining goals, and other situations where you need the upper hand. Includes fixed candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.