Group Spells

*About Community Conjure Group Spells: Community Conjure Services are set on one of my altars in my shop. It adds a little extra boost to your situation or spellwork. For Valentine’s this year, sign up to be included in a special love casting ritual. This year, I will be calling on the female divine and Goddesses that rule over abundance, prosperity, devotion, love, beauty, sexuality, lust, and marriages, to help aid this love work. My personal Goddess altar will become a part of this love working. Offerings and prayers will be given to a few special Goddesses for lending energy to this love working. Aphrodite, Hera, Ezili Freda, Lasirene, and Shakti.

So, if you want to get in on the action and need some energy boost to your self love, your goals, abundance, career, love life, or to connect to your divine sexual energy, this is the conjure service for you!

May 27th:

Magnetic & Sexual Empowerment Spell
Intention: Tap into and magnify your inner source of sensuality and sexuality. Boost your confidence. Feel sexy and confident. Boost your magnetism and sex drive. Inner empowerment, creativity, vitality, sex drive, magnetism, attraction booster, confidence booster, assertiveness, playfulness. Turn on the charm and sensuality to draw in a potential new love interest and feel confident in flirting.
Includes fixed figure candles with herbs and oils.



Full Moon Come to Me/Love/Romantic Moments/Heart Healing
Intention: Often called the Lover’s Moon, use this full moon for a come to me spell, love me spell, reconciliation, heal matters of the heart, or to encourage romantic moments between you and your loved one. This is service is close to the Feast for Saint Anthony who can be petitioned for bringing back lost loved ones and to heal marriages and relationships. Offerings will be set for St. Anthony for this candle service for healing of old wounds and bringing happy romantic moments to you and your partner.
Includes fixed candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.

Reconciliation, Lost items, loved ones, healing
Intention: Petition Saint Anthony to find lost items, heal the sick, return lost loved ones, reconcile with loved ones.
Includes candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.

New Moon Love Drawing
Intention: The New Moon is a time to begin a new path and to draw new energies into your life. Use this service to draw love into your life, bring peace in the home, bring someone closer to you, strengthen a bond between you and your loved one. Increase your chances of luck in love matters. Use this energy to enhance your loving and kindness nature and encourage romantic encounters, attract and magnify your beauty and seduction.
Includes fixed candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.

Marie Laveaux and St. John the Baptist
Intention: Petition for Love, healing, cleansing, career, business, and more!
Includes candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.

Saint Peter & Keys to Open Doors. A Road Opening Spell
Intention: Open the doors and roads to opportunities. Saint Peter Is a Saint used in Folk Magic to open doors to opportunities. Road Opener clears obstacles and opens doors and roads to new opportunities. Use the keys to open doors to success in business, career, love, money, spiritual growth, psychic development, and all around general opportunity.
Includes fixed figure candles with herbs and CATR hoodoo oils.