Welcome To SVC/Conjure and The Root. We’ve made our move to the N. Georgia Mountains and have made an official name change. Lots of more opportunities are going to be sprouting over the next few months to tie back into the botanica so stay tuned!

Greetings! I am Mama Vescha, a southern root doctor, a conjure woman, spiritual counselor. I create hoodoo spells, voodoo spells, hand made spiritual folk supplies such as hoodoo sachet powders and oils, incense, spiritual baths, floor washes, poppets, gris gris (mojo) bags, and sell curios such as lodestones, graveyard dirt, John the Conqueror root, spiritual waters, alligator feet, hand made amulets and charms, ritual spell kits, religious statues, rosaries, and more. My spiritual supplies are for love, money, luck, gambling, uncrossing, spiritual cleansing, reversing, protection, healing, revenge, hot footing or foot tracking, and more. All of my items are carefully hand blended here in the shop with genuine roots, herbs, medicines, curios, and pure essential oils in old traditional southern hoodoo teachings, with my mortar and pestle, and other kitchen witchery utensils.

I am a certified practitioner from the teachings of Catherine Yronwode, Lucky Mojo Curio, Co. I was raised in the southern states where hoodoo culture was rich in the daily lives of the African Americans living in the south.

To learn more about hoodoo and it’s elements pop over to my blog site here and follow my postings where I post on recipes, workings, and other Spiritual matters.

In addition to Conjuring, I perform weddings, rites of passage, perform hands on healing, spiritual cleansings, and house washings and blessings, and monthly healing altar services (please refer to Reine Ezili Temple Racines de l’espoir for monthly services to add your petition to our healing altar). These other services are offered locally only and require a phone consultation and meet and greet prior to acceptance of your case.

I work with the Mysteres in Vodou, guided by spirits to work my craft that I offer to the local community and far and abroad regions.

At Conjure and The Root you will find Voodoo products which include supplies for working with the Vodou Mysteres, such as pakets, libation bottles, spirit altars, jewelry, spirit bottles, voodoo powders, baths, and other OOAK special items. These pieces are prepared and blessed in honor to the Vodou Loa. Everything is hand made here in my shop or connecting temple, and blessed.

I offer online buying. Feel free to write me first to discuss what products you are considering. When you come to my spiritual supply botanica, I work with you to provide guidance if needed, help you make informed decisions on what you need for your magickal work, or provide you with as much necessary tools to jump start or propel you further in your magical work. I have 20 years of experience with magic and casting spells, and although I would like to make every unique case a successful case, magick is not guarantee to always be successful, magick is not a quick fix, it is life changing, and it can be a very enriching and learning experience. I offer guidance to your situation to make the most of your hard work in your rituals. Time, patience, devotion, and persistence is important to have a successful turn out in your work. I perform rituals for clients, I set lights on my altars for clients, and I offer divination readings by cards and crystal ball. I work directly with my spirits and in the light. I also communicate with the Catholic Saints who assist me when I petition them requesting their assistance as well as my Vodou Loa who come to aid my work when needed. Email me your situation as I do free consultations and advice. Please read my other pages for more information on working with hoodoo or voodoo products. Tarot Readings are optional during consultations, if you need one please order it here. Other services are available here for you to consider, or you may browse the online store here.

I lead a Spiritual Temple, Reine Ezili Temple Racines de l’espoir. Reine Ezili Temple Racines de l’espoir is devoted to the Vodou Loas that frequent my temple. Once a month we have services for the Loas and Saints. You may send me your prayer requests or petitions and I will make offerings on your behalf, free of charge of course!