Simple 11 day Jump start Purification:

To purify the body, mind, and spirit, I am providing you with a simple method to get you started along with some follow up advice at the end of this description. Remember, it takes around 30 days for new habits to form, so discipline during this time is very crucial if you want to make it stick and worth your wild!

First, before you begin, make sure you set time aside daily to record your efforts, success, and failures. Keep a journal if this works for you or simply a log book. Also, realize that this method isn’t a substitute for medical conditions that need a medical doctor’s expertise. Sometimes, our ailments are blockages in the chakras or possibly a jinxed/crossed condition, but you should be aware of any sudden changes of luck and drained energy (psychic attack or vampirism) versus a medical condition which could be life threatening if not treated immediately. Cover all your bases! Do not start a purification process that you cannot finish to the end. Set a timer or alert to remind you each day to keep going!

Day 1= Begin to cut out salt and processed sugars in your diet. Try to consume the daily allowed amount for your body. Sugars can come from fruits naturally, so avoid candy, cakes, and junk food. Shop for fresh fruit, vegetables (lots of greens), lean meat, whole grains (replace white breads and pastas with whole wheat and whole grains or gluten free). Shop for low fat dairy. Add healthy fats to your diet such as cooking with coconut or olive oil, eat peanut butter, avocados, and nuts for brain power! Don’t forget to include antioxidants such as berries to fight inflammation and other diseases in the body. Eat protein with your carbs to help the body process the carbs better. Do some further research on your own to find out the best way to divide your micro-nutrients, carbs, fats, and proteins in your daily meals. Each person will be slightly different depending on your activity level. It’s not about cutting calories unless you are overeating, but replacing bad foods with healthy high packed nutrient foods such as more vegetables, lean meats, beans, healthy fats, and antioxidant and vitamin rich fruits!
The next step is to make sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough potassium to help flush out unused salt. Your body needs some salt, but processed and fast foods are loaded with unnecessary salt. Eliminate or significantly reduce alcoholic beverages and recreational drugs.
To make a tonic tea here’s some suggestions:
A. Liver tonic- Boil water and pour over Dandelion Root, Chickweed, and Strawberry leaf. Strawberry leaf is full of vitamins. Chickweed is a blood purifier and dandelion root is a liver tonic.
B. Liver and Spleen tonic- boil and strain honeysuckle leaves.
C. Heart strengthener- boil water with crushed rosehips. Strain and sweeten with honey.
D. Brain fortifier- boil water over rose petals, preferable fresh. If you grow roses, all the better. Be sure they don’t have pesticide on them! Sweeten with honey.
Note: Honey is a natural sweetener and is also believed to help nourish the heart.
Take a good multivitamin that is right for your age group.

Purification Baths- Here a re a few recipes!
First, two things… In the spiritual community you are going to hear about common herbs to use for spiritual cleansings. Hyssop herb is mentioned in the book of psalms in verse 51. It is a purifying herb. It also has a sedative effect in large quantities when heated up but it is safe to consume in a relaxing tea. It’s leaves are used in the process to make penicillin. It is contained in mold that grows on the hyssop leaves.
Second, Florida Water is a cologne that is popular in Hispanic communities. Hispanic grocery stores will usually carry this cologne in the bath, beauty, or sometimes near the vigil candles. It can also be purchased online for slightly higher prices than in a local store. Lanman and Kemp dates back to early 19th century, now called Murray and Lanman. You can find their cologne online directly as well as bar soaps and other formulas they create. It is also used to protect the home or body. And even is used when working with the ancestors and Vodou Loa.

Prepare a daily bath- Preferably begin in the morning, an hour or so before your normal routine. If you are a 3rd shifter, it’s fine to assume that your day might actually begin at 6 pm instead of 6 am.
Add dried hyssop and a splash of Florida Water. Hyssop only, is fine if you can’t obtain Florida Water. Sit in the tub and pour the water over your head 11 times. Sit quietly and pray to cleanse and purify your spirit and mind. In hoodoo, psalm 51 is recited to remove sin and cleanse the spirit. Visualize yourself as glowing white and pure, starting from the head, at your crown chakra and down to your toes, through your body until you are completely lit up as a glowing pure white light. Now keep that in focus while you visualize a blue circle enveloping your entire body. Hold that focus to the count of 20.
Each day that you perform this, try to hold the visualization a little longer. If thoughts enter your mind, don’t resist them, just let them come in and then steadily let them roll out and away from you. If you resist the thoughts, they will try harder to distract you. This is the beginning to learning how to control thought and to meditate. Be sure you are breathing in deep and slow, naturally. Holding your breath makes your body tense. So keep breathing, consciously.
Repeat this bath daily.

A second recipe for spiritual cleansing is Epsom salt, sea salt, and Bluing made by Reckitts. It can be found in square online.This is for an overall goo spiritual cleansing.
Third recipe for spiritual cleansing is salt peter, laundry bluing, and a dash of ammonia.Used for an overall spiritual cleansing.
The fourth recipe is Oak bark, Epsom salt, Florida Water. Used for spiritual and health cleansing.
And last, use pine needles, red pepper, Epsom salt, salt peter, and a dash of ammonia. Used for spiritual cleansing, clearing the mind, and protection.
To mix your herb bath, start with the base first which is the salt. Use half a cup. Then add a tablespoon or two of each herb in your recipe. Last, add any liquids, just a dash. Mix before adding to your bath.
You will repeat the bath and eat healthy for days 1 -11.
12-30 days. At this point you have been developing a regular routine of cleansing your whole body and beginning to clear and balance your chakras. You can take the initiative to put more focus on balancing these chakras through a yoga routine. Kundalini yoga is a system of balancing and re-energizing the 7 main chakras through the center of the boy. Breathing techniques and visualization skills align the chakras. The goal of yoga is to be united with he higher self and to be unity with God. This type of yoga is not an exercise yoga. You are in an asana position, which will align the spine to allow room for the kundalini energy to rise through the body from base to crown, as it activates and aligns the chakras. In preparation for this technique, it is very important to eat healthy, hydrate the body, clear the negativity from your body, which lies within the chakras. Each chakra is connected to energies that we possess. Such as the root chakra is connected to our ability to ground, use our survival instinct, and it’s also connected to material and earthly matters that we experience in our journey. What I find interesting is that these chakras are role players in our life as children as we play and learn to navigate our way to adulthood. For instance, the second chakra rules over our journey through teenage and puberty, when we are identifying our sexuality and hormones are running rampant! Babies on the otherhand, operate from the root chakra, where instincts and trust is being developed.
A cleansed aura and spirit can help alleviate stress at home and work. This is the lesson here! Finding a new stress reliever such as meditation and visualization can help you navigate stress and relax the mind. During meditation, you can set goals and reminders that you are changing a habit or routine that has become an enabler of unhealthy habits. If you are a binge eater or drinker in order to cope with stress, anxiety, etc.,during your regular daily bath sessions, set your intention that you are releasing and cleansing your spirit of these unhealthy coping techniques and replacing them with healthy outlets. (Keep in mind, meditation alone is not the only method to turn to if you need a professional therapist or doctor to also help you with any addiction)! The idea is to plant healthy seeds of success in the mind, so that the body will follow. The mind sets the stage for how the body will follow. When your mind is stressed, upset, anxious, the body will release stress hormones and we tend to seek out ways to isolate or become self destructive in many ways. The same is true for positive thoughts. Smiling for a minimum of 20 seconds, even if faked, sends signals to the brain to release “happy hormones”. A hug for 30 seconds, releases happy hormones that also relax the mind and body. So, simple are these two tasks that we really don’t realize how powerful they can be moment to moment in our stressed out life. Baby steps towards your goals is all you can ask for. Take it day by day. It’s ok if you slide and break routine, for a moment. Try to catch it though, and get back on track!