Cleansing & Protection

Cleansing and protection is a vital component to our work as magicians and rootworkers. Even for non magickal people, regular “clearing out the cob webs” is important to maintaining a healthy life. Regular check ups to the doctor or physician is important and so is regular up keep of our spiritual body and cleansing the home, decluttering spaces, will help declutter our mind and spirit. There are many products available for different reasons. Hoodoo Oils like Fiery Wall of Protection, Uncrossing, House Blessing, Cut and Clear, Fear Not Walk Over Evil, Evil Eye Protection, Spiritual Cleansing, and Stop Gossip all fall under this category.

Fiery Wall of Protection can be used with St. Michael the Archangel. Cut and Clear is used to clear energies left behind after a break up. Stop Gossip protects you from slander.

Take regular Spiritual Cleansing baths when yo work with the public or your job requires physical contact with clients. Clean your space and home after it’s been occupied with negative people. Prayers to God and the spirits help keep your spirit clean and protected too. Magickal work is creative, spontaneous, alive, and constantly evolving. It’s endless and limitless.

Protection work is a common request of spiritual workers. While most of us think that we only need protection when we are performing a spell against an enemy or if we have a jealous family member or coworker, little do some realize that you need to keep yourself protected from the little negative influences that rub off on us from doing the daily activities of the daily grind! How many people do you come in contact with while working in customer service or by going to the grocery store? It might seem silly and ridiculous, but some people are natural magnets and absorb energies of others! You might look at it as their negativity sticks around and it’s hard to shake off the funk from Negative Nancy! Healing and cleansing of these parasitic energies can be accomplished by techniques like healing Reiki, smudging, egg cleansings to absorb the energy, and many other ways. Once the energy has been removed, it must be released or transformed. Sometimes negative energy comes from jealousy and not from someone casting spells on you. You might have a best friend who’s secretly jealous of you and really doesn’t mean harm to you. This is still a level of the Evil Eye that can interfere with your luck and life goals. Evil Eye can also come from family. Then there are times when you have a destructive person deliberately trying to sabotage your relationship, make you ill, or jinx up your money. In all circumstances, cleansing and protection is something that needs to be performed to restore balance in your life.

Below are some spells that you can do for yourself. Before beginning, cover your head with a scarf to help protect you from psychic attacks or negative energies. It’s common to see in large cities through the hustle for the residents to wear hats and have their heads covered. There’s a theory in the study of psychology about the dynamics in large cities, where locals wear black clothing to neutralize the face paced lifestyle. This makes sense when you think about the use of the color black in hoodoo which is used for uncrossing.

St. Michael Spell
1 St. Michael image (statue or printed image)
Prayer to St. Michael
1 red or purple candle
Blessed water, Florida Water, or Holy Water
Frankincense or Fiery Wall of Protection incense
Fiery Wall of Protection hoodoo oil
Glass of water
Psalm 37 or a protection psalm of your choice

Set up the image on a small table, sprinkle with holy water. Holy water clears the previous energies of your statue. Use blessed water or Florida Water if that’s what you are working with to cleanse the statue. A printed image from the internet doesn’t need to be cleansed.
Next, anoint your statue or image with the protection oil. You can state something like “In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Amen” or a blessing of your choice.
Dress the candle with the protection oil and light the candle.
Set a glass of water out next to St. Michael’s image or statue. This has a two fold effect. One is to cool off the situation or perpetrator. Two, it keeps the spirit hydrated during battle.
Light incense. Smoke of the incense carries your prayers to the spirits and God.
Recite the prayer to St. Michael.
Recite Psalm 37 or another protection prayer you have chose.
State your petition to St. Michael.
For the next 8 days, repeat the candle, incense, and prayers as before.

Evil Eye Protection

Sprinkle the body with holy water or Florida Water.
Use an evil eye protection charm such as the hamsa hand charm or a blue eye charm to carry with you. Anoint it with protection oils and pray over the charm for protection.

Take an egg and sprinkle with holy water or Florida Water and/or anoint it with a protection or uncrossing oil. Recite Psalm 48. Roll the egg over the face to absorb the negative energies. Throw the egg at the base of a tree, breaking it. The tree will absorb the energies and transform the energy.

Uncrossing Spell

You need the following:
Black chime candles, Vigil Novena, Double Action candle, OR black figure candle
Uncrossing hoodoo oil
Uncrossing hoodoo bath
Psalm 37

In the evening before sunset, run a hot bath and pour bath contents in. Step in tub and wash from head to toe downwards motion and recite Psalm 37.
Sit quietly and focus on clearing your body, mind, heart, and spirit of all negativity. Save a cup of the bath water and drain the rest.
Step out and air dry and get dressed.
Dress the candle with Uncrossing oil from top to bottom. If using a Vigil novena candle, poke 5 holes in an X pattern in the wax and add a drop of oil in each hole.
Add a small clip of your hair to the candle. (Or use your photo to place under the candle)
Light the candle and recite Psalm 37.
Use the cup of used bath water for a floorwash, washing from back to front door OR take the cup outside and throw it on the base of a tree. Other options is to take it a crossroads and throw it over your left shoulder, or outside in your yard and throw it over your shoulder to the setting sun. When leaving don’t turn back or look back behind you and take a new route home if at the crossroads. Over the next few days, keep your head covered with a hat, bandana, or scarf. Make little physical contact with people as well.
You can repeat this spell for 9 or 13 days in heavy situations. If you are using a figure candle or a candle that is larger than a chime candle, pinch out the candle each day and relight the next day reciting the Psalm. The bath can also be repeated for those 9 or 13 days. If using a Vigil Novena, the candle will burn straight through up to 7 days or can be pinched out and restarted the next day. Vigils are very long burning candles though, so if you are putting it out each day, you might be burning it more than the 9 or 13 days. If using chime candles, use one each day, allowing it to burn all the way out. So you will need 9 or 13 candles. For a double action candle, the black portion of the candle is burned first. If the wick is coming out of the colored half, you will cut that wick off along with the “tip”, so that it’s flattened out. On the black half, carve out a new tip, exposing the wick. Anoint the black half with the uncrossing oil and anoint the color half with a blessing oil. The double action candle is worked for 9 or 13 days as well.
Wax remains should be left at a crossroads.