New messaging system with Mama V on the website

I posted this on the Facebook page for us, but in case you missed that:
This year I changed the communication system for inquiring about conjure products and conjure spell work. On the website you will see a link at the top that directs you to inquire about services/products. It is a messaging system that allows us to keep our conversation private and all under one thread. Too many messages and emails get lost or sent to spam or never reach my inbox. This new message system allows me to see the whole conversation much like a texting thread without all the hyperlinks, attachments, etc. It's a clean system so long as you keep replying to the same thread and not start a new thread, everything stays organized on my end to better serve you and to know who I am replying to. In addition, to that change up, the old email address mamavescha@gmail is going dormant for any business related emails. I check that email address a few times a month since removing it from most of the internet publishings. That email was all too spammy after 8+ years of use.
Thanks for all your patience and business this year! I know I haven't had time to catch up with the blog, but some new website makeovers are happening right now as I type. Some information transferred from here to the website, and the writing of a few new pages, just for basic conjure information to all the new clients that I have taken on the past few years. That's all for now!
Happy Conjuring, lovelies!