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For Clients and New Clients-Please read!

For Clients and New or PotentialsPlease read all of the information that is on my website and under each of the services that you request, EVEN if you have ordered a service from me in the past as conditions and terms can and occasionally do change. ;)…

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Favorite Time of the Year for this Conjure Girl~Bring IT!

10 Reasons I love Autumn/Winter aka October-February

This time of the year is when I really shine, glitter, and rock it Mama style. 😀
Ok, so Autumn technically starts in Sept., but I don’t start feeling it till Oct., cause, well, GA is the south and has slow onsets to cooler weather, generally… And we’ve had 60 degree weather in Feb. Thumbs up for southern hotness…

1. Oct. 2nd is my daughters birthday and she’s my baby girl, the last one I will probably ever have, and well she’s my only girl out of three children. So yes I can say she is a huge reason I light up the brightest at this time of the year. Team: Izzy Rei, all the way. 😀

2. Oct. 3rd is my wedding anniversary, and although we rarely actually celebrate it or make a fuss out of it, deep down, I am a hopeless romantic at the core although my Scorpio rising hides it REALLY well, and I am happy that I married the most crazy, beautiful man I have ever met, who challenges every ounce of my being inside and out, through the darkest moments in our path, to the most sexiest loving moments of our path. Sigh… yea, I don’t know why, and I don’t even bother questioning it any more, it just is what it is. Lol.

3. Halloween of course, DUH. What freaky girl doesn’t like Halloween, of course everyday is dress up the freak day in my world, just saying. OOOOOO scary movies are my favorite movie genre.

4. Ancestor Feasts! Although we give honor and thanks to our ancestors regularly, Fet Gede comes once a year, and here in Georgia we have been partying up with the Dead for 12 years every Nov. Hell Yea!

honneur et salut maman et de pavot, nous célébrons votre vie et votre retour dans les eaux bénies

5. Thanksgiving. This is when I eat and enjoy eating southern traditional food because boy can my mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s cook some damn good southern food. My mother always has a fresh twist on her Thanksgiving dinner from vegetarian Thanksgiving to a mix of middle eastern side dishes thrown in the mix. So, when this time of year comes around, I am in heaven because the food is savored when eaten once a year. It’s like fasting for an entire year, then come time to chow, mouth orgasms, I tell you… haha. 
Then up goes the Christmas tree, the shopping sprees, the beautiful FALL colors, the smell of the air, and lots and LOTS of home baking begins for Christmas parties, solstice parties. Cookies, chocolates, and treats for the kids and husband and friends and family are bountiful.

6. COLORS and Fall leaves, living in Georgia you see gorgeous colors change quickly! And Christmas music begins… Oh yes, this girl does it up for decorations. I keep Halloween décor out, but add in some turkeys, pumpkins, gourds, and scarecrows along side the warm smell of pumpkin bread, now you livin’ RIGHT! Lol.

7. Some more Christmas music, that’s right, every day a song or two or more. Popular around my house are Elvis and Frank Sinatra Christmas songs and the classics: “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”, Jingle Bell Rock (my favorite), “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree”, “Santa Baby”, “Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer” (I know, it’s so rude, isn’t it, lol), “Rudolph, the red nose reindeer”, “Jingle Bells”, “Frosty”, “Here Comes Santa Claus”. Well this list can go on for awhile. But, yea, you get me. 😀 By now, there’s a tree trimmed out, reds, golds, glitter, lights, everywhere. Lol. And this Mama is doing the mommy dance every where she goes; a little twinkle step in my toes for sure.

8. Did I mention how much baking I do during this time? By this point I am making up for all the previous 9 months of not cooking dinner nightly for my family. That’s right folks, although I can cook and I can cook a feast like a BOSS for 20- 30 people, I prefer to save my skills for when it’s most nourishing, plumping up my children and family to get through the winter months, and well, it just makes them appreciate it more. They become all drunk with love and full bellies so they stay all happy and cheery spirited during the holidays so I can enjoy this happy season without any belly griping (can you say Kitchen Witch). You can find this Mama in the kitchen baking goodness with one hand, Amaretto or wine in the other. Sometimes that Amaretto slips into those chocolate truffles for the friends. 😉
So, then here comes Christmas, 25 days of building the energy, 2 days of traveling from family to family and spending time with all  of them. Mmmmm, pretty shiny colors and lights every where! Food and treats, Yes!!!!!

9. So a New Year begins, BUT the fun in this month is My birthday. I take a whole week to celebrate it because, I spent too many years NOT celebrating it and not appreciating getting older and wiser! hahaha! As long as I have my friends and family during this time, I am set. I don’t care about presents, just the warm presence of good people by my side! 😀

10. Remember how I said I am a hopeless romantic at the core? Well, yea, I am a sucker for Valentines day. What can I say, red is my favorite color, and roses are my favorite flowers AND the only candy I eat has to be chocolate, none of those gaggy hard candies, chewy gummy crapolas… Chocolate is the name of the sweet game, Baby. I am a total sucker for love and romance… I don’t think my man knows how much so, I hide it so well, but it’s true. Lol, and I picked the most unromantic man ever… Go figure. LOL. HOWEVER, the most romantic Valentines gift I ever got, was the year he forgot my birthday, and proudly bought me my first and very own fishing rod from Bass Pro Shop. I guess because he was nervous I would cast out his whole rod instead of the line when we use to fish. But what this really meant is that he did like having me in with him when he went out on the boat. I miss that too. And guess what color it was? Yep, red. 😀 Of course he’s claimed my rod, since I barely fish, nor am I really allowed to go now, because when I catch a fish, I can’t take the bass off the hook to throw him back, and that interrupts his game. Hahaha!
A Perfect Valentines day for me honestly, would be to spend the entire day in a cabin with a hot tub and fire place (the man is good at building fires, ummmmm, sexy goodness 😉 ), but by the beach, preferably, however I would settle for the middle of the forest. HAHAHA! Sushi is somewhere in that perfect day too, if we could have it delivered. Some very romantic things happen in cabins with hot tubs next to a fire, just saying… 😀

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