We made it! YAY GA mountain Hoodooing!

OK! So we are here! Photos to come soon, we are still in the building phase, but here we are GA Mountains, here to leave our imprint (and footprints :) ).
Update: Seriously behind on emails, tarot readings, orders from the past few weeks. Have had some connection issues with the internet, and I get 0 cell phone service up here. We are in a very rural area now, more than 5 miles into the woods in the forest, but only about 15 minutes from the closest town. So, emails are going to take longer to respond to on certain days, this is part of the adjustment I will have to live with.

Now is the time to slow down, retreat, reflect, the future has begun now. A new home, a new life, a new adventure. Everyone is still making adjustments, some harder than others, but everyone is healthy, and looking upwards to reach their goals. There is no turning back now, we walked away from the past, will hold onto great memories, and we are here to make some new ones!