Relocation Of Sacred Vescha Conjure

The time is fast approaching that I am relocating with my family and the Conjure Botanica. What this means to you? Not much, if you are just a regular reader, Lol. But giving you guys the warning that when this time comes in a few weeks that emails will be on hold, orders on hold, new spell work on hold. We have been doing a very slow transition moving, and this isn't a simple move across town, or down the block. We are moving 100 miles from here to a remote place in the mountains, so it's going to take a few days to get up and running again after everything is moved over, including internet connectivity, getting unpacked as quickly as possible, getting these three vagabonds settled into their new routines, you know the family life and all that good stuff. We have moved about a quarter of the place. As most of you know, the shop is attached to my house, so that means it's the last to be moved over. Any current client work will be wrapped up and sent on it's way to the client as needed. Other client work will be moved to the new location i.e jar spells, mojo bags, and other movable things. Light settings will be completed and any new order of light settings will be on hold. Reoccurring light sets will resume in my private space in the new place and be the first to be up and going before shipping orders resume. The store site will be closed during the actual move, so if you are planning to buy anything in August, please, please get the orders in as soon as you can. The second weekend of September I will close the shop Sept 6th through Sept. 13. So the latest to put in orders will be Sept 5th. I will mail these last orders out over the weekend and early the second week, but no new shipping orders will be accepted. I will accept Tarot Readings, as these can be done nightly. The shop will resume normally on Sept. 14th. As I said before, continued light sets will be worked, honey jars, and mojo bags as well. Any other spell work will be on hold as discussed with the clients.
Happy late summer!
Mama V!