Road Opener Work

Road Opener is a hoodoo formula that is used for when life just feels like it's in a rut or stuck. You try to move forward in life, but the same result every time, you feel like you are at a dead end, or your wheels are spinning at the crossroads. You don't see the future, no possible way to move forward. And it seems to ring true even after trying a new method, but every door is closed in your face. Something is holding you back, so it's time to cleanse and work some Road Opening. After a good spiritual cleansing (which helps to get and maintain balanced energies, see the other posts for recipes for baths and floor washes), road opening can be started to help cut a path and open new doors. Spiritual Cleansing removes the funk built up that you are swimming in, the muddy water. You don't always need to cleanse before Road Opening, but you will recognize if you do, such as if you feel chaotic mentally or emotionally, or have too much chaos in your life, if it's been awhile before you cleansed, if you don't feel balanced, if you feel you were once cursed, or have the evil eye on you, etc. If you experience any of these or similar, then go ahead and do a cleansing. Sometimes it's better safe than sorry, and you want to do a quick wash down before proceeding anyway.
I see Road Opening as cutting down the weeds that can grow over the pathway to an entrance, then you can see what lies ahead. It is almost like an attraction formula in the sense that it will help to open new doors to new opportunities. Road Opening can be mixed with other formulas that bring in blessings such as Money Draw or a Love formula like Come To Me. Another kind of Road Opening is Block Buster, I have found that this though breaks through tough situations, breaks down stone walls, but not opening up a door way, just clears the road. Then I use an attraction formula to bring in what I desire after the Block Buster.
Here's a simple recipe for performing a Road Opener bath. Use Psalm 16 with this. Prepare it as a tea bath, boil the water, soak the herbs, strain and pray over the tea bath, then add it to your bath. Pour it over your head an odd number of times 7 or 9, air dry and anoint your feet and palms with a Road Opener oil that you have purchased or made yourself.

Orange Peel
Lemon Balm
Gravel Root
Solomon's Seal Root
Five Fingers Grass
High John Root
(Lemon Grass, as another ingredient if you are going to add the Abre Camino too)
This way you are sticking with traditional odd number of ingredients

Abre Camino is an herb that grows in the Caribbean and tropical states such as Florida. This herb is used in religious rites such as Quimbanda, Santeria, Palo. It's name translates in Spanish to Abre = Open and Camino = Road, Pathway, Trail, etc.
This herb is commonly found also in Road Opener formulas. It is an expensive herb, but not impossible to locate via the internet. You can order it from a few botanicas online or do the search and find a local harvester in the southern Florida region. It will make your formula stronger, but you can still make due with the other ingredients above ;)
Good Luck!!!!