Conjure Oils, Baths, Floor Wash, and Candles WHOLESALE

OK, SOOOOO... It's been a few years since I started up a new Business adventure, so here it is, this IS the year to do this and take things to a WHOLE new level. :D
It's going on 7 years since I first started this little journey with going public "magickally". 7 IS my lucky number, and every 7 years we go through a rebirth in some important area of our life. So, this is my year, to go through a business rebirth and refresh. I have been gearing this up for over a year now, and here it is! YAY! Wholesale availability in it's finest. Lol. Although, I have sold at wholesale discount my Conjure line in the past to a few shops here in the U.S. and over in England. Now, I am ready to push this forward and make this happen. SO, if you stumble across this blog because you were in the research market for a some Conjure, Southern Style Hoodoo pickin's, I got you on this one! Haha. ;)
I have set up a website dedicated to Retailers with business license, tax resale, etc. If you send me an email directly OR I will happily (yes, you will hear my taps tapping the mama victory happy dance from where you sit ;) ) forward you the wholesale website address where you can take a look at what is available right now (hoodoo oils, sachet powders, baths, floor wash, loaded candles). Wholesalers are required to have proof of their business and resale authority. There is a minimum product order (a low one) to make it beneficial for us both, and the items are at 50% wholesale discount. There are lots more products that I will make available such as some special body masks, whips, and butters, and sugar scrubs, but that will be another month out. And I would gladly accept any offer for working with you to produce some exclusives just for your shop. ;)

Light and Love!
Mama V