2015 = New Hoodoo Oils, New Blogs!

So the new year has begun, Thank goodness for this. 2014 was all about change, buckling down, rededicating myself, and sorting priorities!
So, new this year for hoodooing are some new conjure formulas. I won't give away the secrets but expect them to be released soon and throughout the year as I get the time to add them to the shop. OH! And more blogging! Expect to hear random rants, informative instructions, updates, new releases, etc.
Also, I created a new way to purchase my products, if you guys haven't already seen my new online shop outside of the website, it's on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/shop/ConjureAndTheRoot (no longer active)!
Since the days of Ebay been there done that, I decided to give Etsy a shot, since I am a buyer on Etsy all the TIME! I decided hell why not. I tried Etsy years ago before it became popular for any witches to sell their items on there, so although competitive, it at least opens up a new door to getting exposed to more customers.
You will see new services added as well, and new payment options for those that need it. The new services added are Skype tarot reading sessions 30 minute and 60 minute options. Also look for some additional reading options as well. I have been currently working on a bone set, gathering it together, and bonding with the pieces, and doing readings for a select few that have asked for one.
I also have a few new deck options that I have been allowing some regular clients choose from, so I will be offering readings with those special decks. And the best one that I have had such a blessing to have listed is the service option for directly petitioning some of my Saints that I work closely with. I have had so many requests over the years for something like this, so now it's being offered.
So, look forward to some new things at Conjure and The Root. ;)