More Conjure and The Root Updates for Client work

This is going to only affect clients and customers from the last two months so bear with me here. A recent crash of my computer and salvage attempt contributed to losing more than half of my computer files which include email consultations, email tarot reading drafts (not saved on the server), loss of client case files (photos of prework, work, and follow ups), in addition to several business files (I believe these are backed up on a disk somewhere), but client case files and the photos for each client, personal photos and ritual work photos included are not backed up due to frequent change outs in client cases. SOO, what this means right now, is that if you have not heard from me and you have an open case, please send me a quick email, so that I may sort you back into files and we can do a brief follow up on your work. The cases I have now are written out in book form but do not include photos of work performed, only in note form. Your written file contains only the original consultation/reading photo you sent during the initial set up of your new case. Everything else is stored electronically. Just so happens that I didn't renew a cyber back up spot last year, go me, yay, Vescha... A lot of emails I will be able to recover on the Gmail server, but that is going to take some time to sort through the folders as they are not nearly as organized as the folders were in my Outlook. Blessings Vescha