Updates and Future

Here are some updates for the future of Conjure and The Root (Sacred Vescha Conjure). A long needed sabbatical is under way. I have been fighting this current for some time and now it is time to succumb to it's power... I will be taking this time to focus on a new direction and changes for the future of the website, supplies, among some serious life changes in personal areas of life since the move. The move was a huge change for all involved, disruptive for some, however, time will tell how the tides will smooth out the roughness, and erode things into nothingness. I am hoping for the best of both effects. During this time of personal reflection, healing, and sought after enlightenment, I will be focusing in on my spiritual and artistic goals, two of 3 important reasons for the drastic shift in living situation last year. I would like to eventually share some of this but that will come in due time. :) In the mean time, I will be leaving available and taking less of the following requests: Readings, consultations, and Spell services. These areas will remain active and available on the website. Production and availability of tangible products will not be available through the website unless under the available services i.e. nation sacks, mojo bags, and other follow up products that is part of the work being done on your behalf AND under only special requests if you send an email directly to me, or as a result of reading and consultation it becomes clear further work is needed to be done in your case. At that time I will send you an invoice of products to purchase directly. The time frame in which the products will be unavailable is yet to be determined, but you can count on at least the next 2 months. In addition the other available items that will remain up are the items pertaining to the Vodou sections, packets, bottles, jewelry, that are already created until purchased and no further items in these areas will be available until I reopen all categories.
Blessings of Light and Eternal Flame in your hearts,
Mama Vescha.Sur