Hoodoo Magic Formulary








Popular Hoodoo Ritual Products descriptions are found below.

Hoodoo Formulas:
Attraction-to attract money, love, luck, success
Better Business- to bring in customers and increase profit
Banishing- to rid of unwanted energies
Black Arts- aids in destructive spells
Break Up- to break up lovers/couple
Binding- to bind someone
Boss Fix- compel the boss to give you raise
Black Cat- lucky oil for gamblers
Chinese Wash – cleanser
Clarity- gain clearer insight & knowledge
Come to Me- to attract a new lover
Commanding- to bring one under your command
Court Case- to get judge and jury to rule in your favor
Crossing- enemy work/bring on crossed conditions
Crucible of Courage- gain courage/bravery
Crown of Success- financial/school/or career success
Cut & Clear- rid yourself of energy left by an EX
Dream- to dream true or have prophetic dreams
Devil’s Shoestring- luck or protection
Devil Made Me Do It- naughty meets sweet innocence, when you’ve been busted and need a “scape goat”
Dirty Southern Girl- southern belle with southern hospitality by day, but a dirty, sexy girl by night
Essence of Bend Over- impose your will on other
Evil Eye Protection- protect from evil, prying eyes
Exorcism- to rid of demons
Fast Luck- quick luck in love or money
Female Domination- to rule over a lover
Fear Not Walk Over Evil- protect from tricks laid for you
Fiery Wall of Protection- protection from enemy
Follow Me Boy- to make a man follow you!
Follow Me Girl – to make a girl follow you!
Forever Yours- passion, loyalty, peace in union
Five Finger’s Grass- for success
For Love’s Sake- finding true love
Goofer Dust (powder only)- nasty dust to bring the worst conditions on an enemy
Gambling Luck- luck in gambling
Healing- physical, mental, emotional
Holy Blessings- bless marriage, baby, house, etc.
Hot Foot- drive out unwanted people
Inflammatory Confusion- cause misunderstandings & fights
Intranquility- to call on the Intranquility spirit
Jezebel- meet men who will shower you with money and gifts
John the Conqueror- increase personal power and mastery, draw money, restore male nature
King Solomon the Wise- know & make wise decisions
Kiss Me Now!- to bring passion or new sexual affair
Lodestone- attracts love, luck or money
Loan Me Money- to get a loan from the bank or someone else
Lady Luck- to play lucky numbers
Look Me Over- get attention drawn to you
Love Me - to cause one to love you
Lucky Hand- gamblers, lucky chances
Marriage- bless a new marriage or get your lover to propose
Master- increase mastery skill, power, leadership, etc.
Money Drawing- draws money
Move Out/Stay Out- to move a neighbor, renter, or someone living w/ you
Money Stay w/ Me- make money last longer
Panic Stricken- strike fear and panic in your opponent
Passion Delight- enhance your passion and romance
Pay Me- get your money that is owed to you
Peaceful Home- bring calm, peacefulness in home
Prosperity- bring wealthy ways
Psychic Vision- enhance insight or dreams
Queen Elizabeth- contains queens root
Return To Me- to get a lost lover or friend to return
Reconciliation- reconcile with loved one/friend
Reversing- reverse tricks laid on you/sends it back
Revenge – to get revenge on a foe or enemy
Road Opener- remove blockages and open new path
Rue- contains rue herb, clearing and protecting herb
Spirit Guide- bring spirit guides to you and your work
Spiritual Cleansing- cleanse the spirit especially after magical work
Safe Travel- For traveling safely
Sex Appeal- enhance your sex appeal to others
Stay With Me- hold your lover/ensure fidelity/stop your lover from cheating
Steady Work- gain new employment/maintain it/get a raise at your job
Stop Gossip- stop backbiters, stop betrayal
Uncrossing/Unjinxing- remove jinxes on you and uncross evil sent to you
Van Van- opening the way, dressing mojo bags
Wealthy Way- bring wealth and prosperity
Victory- win over your opponent