Hoodoo Magic Formulary








Popular Hoodoo Ritual Products descriptions are found below.

Hoodoo Formulas:
Attraction-to attract money, love, luck, success
Better Business– to bring in customers and increase profit
Banishing– to rid of unwanted energies
Black Arts– aids in destructive spells
Break Up– to break up lovers/couple
Binding– to bind someone
Boss Fix– compel the boss to give you raise
Black Cat– lucky oil for gamblers
Chinese Wash – cleanser
Clarity– gain clearer insight & knowledge
Come to Me– to attract a new lover
Commanding– to bring one under your command
Court Case– to get judge and jury to rule in your favor
Crossing– enemy work/bring on crossed conditions
Crucible of Courage– gain courage/bravery
Crown of Success– financial/school/or career success
Cut & Clear– rid yourself of energy left by an EX
Dream– to dream true or have prophetic dreams
Devil’s Shoestring– luck or protection
Devil Made Me Do It– naughty meets sweet innocence, when you’ve been busted and need a “scape goat”
Dirty Southern Girl– southern belle with southern hospitality by day, but a dirty, sexy girl by night
Essence of Bend Over– impose your will on other
Evil Eye Protection– protect from evil, prying eyes
Exorcism– to rid of demons
Fast Luck– quick luck in love or money
Female Domination– to rule over a lover
Fear Not Walk Over Evil– protect from tricks laid for you
Fiery Wall of Protection– protection from enemy
Follow Me Boy– to make a man follow you!
Follow Me Girl – to make a girl follow you!
Forever Yours– passion, loyalty, peace in union
Five Finger’s Grass– for success
For Love’s Sake– finding true love
Goofer Dust (powder only)- nasty dust to bring the worst conditions on an enemy
Gambling Luck- luck in gambling
Healing– physical, mental, emotional
Holy Blessings– bless marriage, baby, house, etc.
Hot Foot– drive out unwanted people
Inflammatory Confusion– cause misunderstandings & fights
Intranquility– to call on the Intranquility spirit
Jezebel– meet men who will shower you with money and gifts
John the Conqueror– increase personal power and mastery, draw money, restore male nature
King Solomon the Wise– know & make wise decisions
Kiss Me Now!– to bring passion or new sexual affair
Lodestone– attracts love, luck or money
Loan Me Money– to get a loan from the bank or someone else
Lady Luck– to play lucky numbers
Look Me Over– get attention drawn to you
Love Me – to cause one to love you
Lucky Hand– gamblers, lucky chances
Marriage– bless a new marriage or get your lover to propose
Master– increase mastery skill, power, leadership, etc.
Money Drawing– draws money
Move Out/Stay Out– to move a neighbor, renter, or someone living w/ you
Money Stay w/ Me– make money last longer
Panic Stricken– strike fear and panic in your opponent
Passion Delight– enhance your passion and romance
Pay Me– get your money that is owed to you
Peaceful Home– bring calm, peacefulness in home
Prosperity– bring wealthy ways
Psychic Vision– enhance insight or dreams
Queen Elizabeth– contains queens root
Return To Me– to get a lost lover or friend to return
Reconciliation– reconcile with loved one/friend
Reversing– reverse tricks laid on you/sends it back
Revenge – to get revenge on a foe or enemy
Road Opener– remove blockages and open new path
Rue– contains rue herb, clearing and protecting herb
Spirit Guide– bring spirit guides to you and your work
Spiritual Cleansing– cleanse the spirit especially after magical work
Safe Travel– For traveling safely
Sex Appeal– enhance your sex appeal to others
Stay With Me– hold your lover/ensure fidelity/stop your lover from cheating
Steady Work– gain new employment/maintain it/get a raise at your job
Stop Gossip– stop backbiters, stop betrayal
Uncrossing/Unjinxing– remove jinxes on you and uncross evil sent to you
Van Van– opening the way, dressing mojo bags
Wealthy Way– bring wealth and prosperity
Victory– win over your opponent